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Dr. Lakers and Mr. Bryant

onthebuzzer.com kobe bryantOn Friday night, the Lakers beat the Detroit Pistons 103-91 at Staples in LA. Kobe Bryant dropped 19 (yawn) and now the Lakers are 5-3. Now I donthebuzzer.com dr jekyll and mr hydeon’t know about you guys, but Detroit is supposed to pound the Lakers. I thought they were a good team. As for the Lakers, I love how Kobe is boys with everyone after he “shat” all over them in the offseason. Which Lakers are gonna show up for the next game is the question us LAians ask ourselves every day. The ones that beat the Rockets in Houston, or the one that lost to them at Staples? The ones that beat the Suns in Phoenix or that ones that lost to New Orleans in Staples? Consistency, that’s the mark of a champion and one thing that the Lakers lack. This team they have on the floor will NO WAY win a championship, or frankly even get to the finals without some serious help, and that’s a fact. So enjoy the win Lakers fans, because with the Chicago Bulls coming in to town Sunday, you never know what to expect.

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