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It seems like it was just yesterday that Allen Iverson was pound for pound the best basketball player in the league,  leading his team, the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals. And now, nobody will touch this guy. First AI goes to Denver and turns that franchise into the laughing stock of the league.  Once he leaves, the Nuggets make a complete 180 degree turn and head to the second round of the playoffs, OUCH! Then AI goes to Detroit, causes a rift with Rip Hamilton, what happens next: first round sweep by the Cavs. This guy is a guarantee future hall of famer, 27 points and 6 assists per game. Let’s give him props for what he’s done in the past.  Unfortunatley, his scoring average has dropped by 10 points last season.  I’m not saying that the Answer doesn’t have anything left in the tank, but he’s gotta change his attitude. Seriously, the Miami Heat want him to come off the bench which he wasn’t down with.  I don’t even think the Clippers want him… the CLIPPERS!!!  Time to go to PRACTICES, WE TALKING ABOUT PRACTICES? AI. You’re not that same kid that was running the show in Philly. Nothing wrong with coming off the bench.  Look at Lamar Odom, you don’t see him bitching, especially with the new BLING he’s got. Time to check that attitude at the door and shut up and play ball. I’m sure some team will sign him, because at the very least, he sells tickets and fills seats. But if this guy wants to win the title, he better start accepting the role he’s asked to play.  KNOW YOUR ROLE AI!

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Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups?

First of all, put the money and salary cap issues aside. Is it just me or did the Denver Nuggets rip off the Detroit Pistons in this trade? Look, I’m not saying that A.I. isn’t good.  He’s definitely pound for pound up there in talent.  But the Nuggets finally got what they needed: a leader.  Chauncey “Mr. BIG SHOT” Billups. Finally, someone who’s going to distribute the ball WITH championship experience. Someone who can take Carmelo Anthony to the next level.  I’m not saying that the Nuggets are favorites to win the Championship but the West sure as hell got harder. As for the Pistons, the East was ripe for the taking.  Maybe they’re making a move for Lebron. Maybe they’re trying to get younger by clearing A.I.’s cap space next year. All I know is that if I’m a Detroitian, I’m pissed off.  Sure, “we” have Rodney Stuckey but this team’s window is closing fast. They’ll make the playoffs this year but without a foor leader, they ain’t going far. Looks like rebuilding time in Motown.

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Pistons: Wait, We Don’t Suck

tayshaun prince onthebuzzer.comGuess what? Right after I rip Billups and the Pistons apart for not showing up against the Mavericks last night, they do something stupid and beat the Spurs in San Antonio. Inconsistency, the mark of a championship team? I don’t think so.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing that they won.  They beat the Champion Spurs.  But they’re not dominating.  You need to win night in and night out to prove to me that you’re worth something in the NBA. Don’t show up when you want to. Maybe I’m being super-hard on these guys but I guess I expect more from them.  Heck, I picked them as the top team in the East.

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Mavericks Send the Pistons Packing

dirk nowtizki onthebuzzer.comThis ain’t the Eastern Conference fellas. That’s what the Dallas Mavericks told the Pistons on Wednesday night, as they spanked Detroit 102-86. Does that prove anything??? I don’t know, but I do know that the Eastern conference just lost a hell of a lot of street cred on the same night that the Boston Celtics were upset at the Garden by the Charlotte Bobcats. The same Pistons who I had high on my list of powerhouses in the league. I mean, I can understand losing to the Mavs in Dallas, but a whoopin? After losing to the Celts, Chauncy Billups himself stated that Boston played that game like it was the Superbowl. Well Mr. “Big Shot” Billups, maybe you should take notes and start playing like a championship caliber team, because your 3 assists and 16 points aint cutting it.

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Boston Celtics: Right Back At You

chauncey billups onthebuzzerAfter losing at home to the Detroit Pistons on a questionable last second foul shot, the Celtics went to the Palace of Auburn Hills and took their pride right back.  Led by Paul Pierce’s 19 pts, 9 rbds, and 7 assts, the Celtics roughed up the Pistons, 92-85.  So, who’s the best team now.  Don’t ask this blogger, because up until tonight, I thought the road to the Eastern Conference Finals went through Detroit. Now??? I do know one thing, the road goes through either Boston or Detroit and not Cleveland or New Jersey or wheverever else.  And home field advantage, it helps, but when it comes to 2 good teams, both these clubs have proven that they can win anywhere. Anyway, gotta go, the Celtics’ bandwagon is leavin’ town.

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Detroit Pistons: Don’t Look Now

That’s right folks, DEEETROIIIIIT BASKETBALL is in full effect. The Pistons have won 10 games in a row.  They have arip hamilton onthebuzzer.com 25-7 record and yes, one of those wins is against the mighty Boston Celtics at the Garden.  While most people are staring in awe at how the Celtics are dismantling opponents, the Pistons are flying under the radar.  But make no mistake, this Detroit team has the potential to go all the way.  Chauncey Billups, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, and Rip Hamilton and Antonio McDyess give this team probably one of the best starting 5s in the league, let alone the East. Their bench isn’t too shabby either, with PF Jason Maxiell, Jarvis Hayes, Lindsey Hunter and newly acquired Primo Brezec. With that said, don’t be surprised if this team punches your team in the mouth come playoff time. Don’t come running to me because I’m gonna give you a mouthful of “I told you so(s).”

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Don’t Jump Bitch

pump fake onthebuzzer.comThe wretched pump fake rears it’s ugly head again. On Wednesday night, Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons baited Celtics‘ Tony Allen in biting on his pump fake and fouling Billups with .10 seconds left, essentially losing the game. How many players have fallen to this ploy. Being an Los Angeles native, we have 2 of the inventors of the PF (that’s short for pump fake) playing at Staples. Old timer Sam Cassell from the Los Angeles Clippers has been fooling playas for years. And who can forget Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, probably the best at this “move.” I can understand a big man pumpfaking another big, as the momentum of his body going one way is hard to stop. But a shooting guard? A point guard? Falling for this move time and time again, I mean c’mon. The Celtics are lucky that this wasn’t a playoff game. Then again, what was Tony Allen doing on the court in the final seconds of that game anyway. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.  

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Detroit Hands Celtics First Home Loss

billups.jpgNow they’re 20-3.  The Boston Celtics lost at home on Wednesday night to the Detroit Pistons on a last second foul byn Tony Allen on Chauncey Billups.  Before everyone starts to get worried, it’s only one game.  On the other hand, it showed the league the depth, or lack of it, of the Boston Celtics.  After the big 3 and even Rondo, the Celtics are struggling for talent.  The Pistons on the other hand, have Hamilton, Billups, Wallace, McDyess, Prince, more than the Celts could handle.  Albeit, it was a shitty way to lose, but how many times have you seen someone pump fake and then jump into the defender.  You’d think people would learn.  I’ll tell you one thing, Tony Allen and the Boston Celtics learned not to jump, and also that the road to the NBA Finals runs through Detroit.

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Cavs Fall Hard to the Pistons

onthebuzzer.com lebron jamesOne night after beating the Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers were punished by the Detroit Pistons, 109-75.  A 34 point ass kicking.  How is that possible?  Were the Cavs tired? Did they not expect a fight from the Pistons?  Considering we are only 16 games into the season and the Pistons have been a powerhouse in the East for at least a few years, I’m still perplexed. The game was close until the second have begun, when the Cavs were outscored by 13. I don’t want to hear the injury card being played, these guys are supposed to be professional NBA Athletes. How often do you see this? A team plays like a king one night, then like the court jester the other.  When you’re getting paid millions of dollars to play ball for 8 months out of the year, I (the fans) expect  110% every singe night. Unfortunately, more often than not we do not get that. Modern day athletes, spoiled brats, call them what you want, but I’ll stick to simply disappointing.

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Dr. Lakers and Mr. Bryant

onthebuzzer.com kobe bryantOn Friday night, the Lakers beat the Detroit Pistons 103-91 at Staples in LA. Kobe Bryant dropped 19 (yawn) and now the Lakers are 5-3. Now I donthebuzzer.com dr jekyll and mr hydeon’t know about you guys, but Detroit is supposed to pound the Lakers. I thought they were a good team. As for the Lakers, I love how Kobe is boys with everyone after he “shat” all over them in the offseason. Which Lakers are gonna show up for the next game is the question us LAians ask ourselves every day. The ones that beat the Rockets in Houston, or the one that lost to them at Staples? The ones that beat the Suns in Phoenix or that ones that lost to New Orleans in Staples? Consistency, that’s the mark of a champion and one thing that the Lakers lack. This team they have on the floor will NO WAY win a championship, or frankly even get to the finals without some serious help, and that’s a fact. So enjoy the win Lakers fans, because with the Chicago Bulls coming in to town Sunday, you never know what to expect.

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