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super-bowl-xlviii-preview-seattle-seahawks-denver-broncosSuperbowl times folks.  I gotta be honest with you, this is the first Superbowl where I kinda like both teams.  I was just happy to see both the 49ers and the Patriots lose.  I like Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, as he’s a class act.  And I know if Pete Carrol wins a Superbowl, Jim Harbaugh is gonna commit suicide.  On the other hand, Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever and with a win in 2 weeks, he will cement his place a top the list of greatest all time. Imagine how much Bill Belichek is gonna hurt if Wes Welker wins another ring, especially after Billy had him in the doghouse last year. Either way, looks like a good matchup. Oddsmakers have Denver at -2.5 (that’s a 2.5 points favorite for you rookies) and my gut is telling me that Denver’s gonna take it.  Seattle hasn’t earned its bones yet and after watching them again the 49ers, they seem to inconsistent on offense and frankly a bit nervous.  The line will probably move 1 point by the end of next week so you might want to jump on the Broncos now.  Either way,, should be a great game in shitty weather. Too bad my Chiefs choked away a 9-0 season and a 28 point lead against the Colts in the opening round.

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i7 touchdowns!!! WOW! Whoever had Peyton playing on their fantasy league probably won their week already.  The passes Manning was throwing weren’t even bullets.  Shows how much accuracy is more important than strength.  Ask Greg Maddux.  As for the Baltimore Ravens, what a difference an offseason makes.  They lose 10 starters including Ed Reed and Ray Lewis and their defense couldn’t stop nobody. I’ll give them this, their offense didn’t help them out with all those 3 and outs but the Ravens look like a fraction of themselves.  Manning on the other hand, 1 game, 7 touchdowns, ties an NFL records.  I bet you Bill Belichik was smiling when Wes Welker fumbled that punt return in the 1st quarter but way to go Wes by rebounding with 9 catches and 2 touchdowns.

What a way to start the NFL season!!! Throw in some betting while your at it and you got a fun 4 months coming up. Head over to Doc’s Sports Service for all the newest odds and spreads.

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What a game today against the Chargers! Ok, maybe it wasn’t that pretty of a game but it went to overtime and in the wee minutes of the extra period, Tim Tebow, the prophet, marches his followers down the field and puts his team in a position to win it with a field goal… and they do. I’m not hear to talk about the Xs and Os of the game.  I’m here to say one thing: Tell John Elway and John Fox to get off the bandwagon.  I’ve never, ever, in any sport, seen 2 guys high up in an organization VERBALLY and PUBLICLY throw one of their own under the bus week after week.  Everyone has said that Tebow couldn’t make it as a starter in the league; how it was a mistake that the Broncos drafted him; how it was a mistake to bench Kyle Orton and then even release him. Well folks, here’s a slice of crow’s pie.  Tebow is 5-1 in his last 6 starts and has put his team in a position to win the AFC West.  The San Diego Chargers are out.  The Kansas City Chiefs are out.  If the Broncos defense led by Von Miller, Champ Bailey and Elvis Dummerville can continue doing what they do, this fairytale ride might not end as soon as you think.  Next up for the Broncos, the struggling Vikings in Minnesota.

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Did I just say that? The super-hyped quarterback from Florida whose draft stock plummeted but was surprisingly taken by the Broncos in the first round scored his first NFL touchdown today in a pre-season game. Sure it was in the 4th quarter and against the Cincinnati Bengals but there’s something special about this kid. He brings some cashe’, a little bit of excitement to an otherwise boring team in possibly the worst division in football, the AFC West.  What do the Broncos have to lose. Let’s see, they can start Kyle Orton yawn… Brady Quinn, and hope to be a possible playoff contender if he plays up to his hype. Or start Tebow.  I’m not saying Tebow is the next Marino, but I’d roll the dice with him The Broncos aren’t expecting to go anywhere, especially after losing their #1 diva receiver Brandon Marshall.  But maybe Tebow does to the Broncos what Michael Vick did in his rookie year.  Sell tickets, make a couple of spectacular plays, and who nows, win Rookie of the Year.  Remember, this kid was one of the best college football players to ever play the game.  How bad could he be in the NFL? He’s got pizzaz and winner oozing out of him. I say start him!

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I Hate the Chargers

That’s all there is to it.  When this team first started gelling a few years ago, I was all for them.  Ladanian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Marty Schottenheimer.  But for some reason, throughout the years, my love and passion for this team has turned it disgust. As  soon as they fired Marty, blaming him for a horrible playoff loss after multiple players mishaps, this team went from heroes to zeroes. A bunch of overrated, underachieving pre-madonnas. They talk shit (Rivers) and expect everyone to bow down to them when they haven’t proven NADA. The only guys that was ever respected on this team was Lorenzo Neal, who is no longer with the team. They don’t back each other up when the going gets tough (L.T.).  Well, guess what, they lost at home today to the Indianapolis Colts.  This was a MUST-WIN game for them.   They”re 2 games behind the Broncos, who just got waxed by the Oakland Raiders. The AFC West is a freakin’ joke. 3/4 teams are WELL under .500 and the division leading Broncos are whopping 6-5. With that said, whoever comes out of this division is a guaranteed first round and out.  I’m not sure what I’d rather see, the Bots not making the playoffs or the Bolts getting waxed in the first round. I’m thinking the former.  Thanks for coming Chargers. Here’s a prediction for the rest of the league: Norv’s gonna hang for this.

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What the Hell is Going on With the Miami Dolphins?

Bill freaken Parcells??? C’mon, is he that good?  Are you going to tell me that firing Cam Cameron as head coach and hiring Bill Parcells as GM is making that big of a difference for a team that just won 1 game last year?  I don’t believe it.  I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it, do I?  The Miami Dolphins have returned essentially all their players from last year. Lost linebacker Zach Thomas. Sure they signed Chad Pennington but he’s not a difference maker. Maybe having a health Ronnie Brown is working for them.  You know what I think, SMOKE and MIRRORS folks… They’re doing it with SMOKE and MIRRORS. The Dolphins are tricking teams, lining up in formations that are commonly used in the BCS rather than the NFL. This team is 4-4 in a division where the 3 other teams are 5-3.  Don’t be surprised if they sneak into the playoffs.  These guys have something to prove after being the laughing stock of the league last year. They’ve already surpassed this bloggers’ expectations, as they’ve busted my “LOCK of the Week” 2 weeks in a row. My apologies to my readers.  My apologies to the Dolphins.  These fish are for real and I ain’t gonna touch ’em for the rest of the season.

P.S. Denver Broncos suck balls…

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LOCK of the Week

I know, I haven’t come through the past 2 weeks, apologies are definitely in order.  But don’t jump ship yet, we can right this, and the time to do so is now!!! Straigth to the pick, no dilly-dallying around… Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos -3.5.  This is the game that stood out to me.  The Broncos have been sliding as of late but we all know that Mile-High is one of the toughest venues to play in.  Look for the Rat Mike Shanahan to blow the Cinderella Dolphins out of the water. I’m not gonna give you fictitious stats about why you should take this bet.  It’s just a feeling.  FEEL IT!!!

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LOCK of the Week

Football season is underway and it’s time for us regular folks to make some money. After running through this weekend’s NFL and NCAA football games, I’m ready to let you in on my “LOCK” of the week: the San Diego Chargers at the Denver Broncos.  It’s a pick ’em. After the way the Broncos torched the Raiders last week (I know, it’s the Raiders), I’m beginning to believe the Jay Cutler hype.  This guy is turning out to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league. We all know about that Mile-High mystique.  Denver’s not the easiest place to play in. Plus, don’t think that the Broncos forgot what happened the last time these two teams met when Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers began trash tralking at the end of a meaningless win over the Broncos.  As for the Chargers, they struggled against Carolina last week. LB Shawne Merriman is officially out for the rest of the season. Plus, the Chargers are notoriously slow starters.  Frankly, I’m not sold on Rivers. It’s payback time for the Broncos and hopefully payday for all you who like to dabble in the art of sports betting. Well folks, there you have it.  Put the house on it or just put a $20 spot on it, it’s your call.  You can thank me on Monday. And remember, I accept tips…

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Vince Young is Who I Thought He Was

Another game, another loss for the Tennessee Titans, this time to the hand’s of the Denver Broncos.  I’ve been singing the same tune from day 1, Vince Young is not the all-staronthebuzzer.com vince young everyone thinks he is.  He’s a “B” quarterback at best.  On Monday night in a nationally televised game, Young threw his first 300 yd game of the season, with 2 picks and 1 td; he also rushed for 1 td coupled with 74 rushing yds.  In 9 games this season, Vince has thrown for a WHOPPING 4 touchdowns.  He is 31st in the league in passer rating, 30th in passing tds, 27th in passing yds and 22nd in interceptions with 10.  I’m sorry, but the league is fading away from scrambling quarterbacks and going old school towards the pocket passer, guys who can thread the needle.  Manning, Brady, Favre, Palmer (even though he’s struggling); it’s not a coincidence that none of these guys’ strengths are running.  Vince deserves a fair shake though, his team needs to get him some marquee receivers and if he fails then, off to land of the Akili Smiths and such…

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Travis Henry Caught Tokin’

enver Broncos running back Travis Henry has tested positive for a banned substance for the second time. Under league policy Henry can be suspended for an entire year. Henry is attempting to sue the NFL saying that they did not allow his expert to be present while his B-Sample was tested. The NFL allows a player’s own expert to be present if they are not affiliated with any labs, Henry’s expert has an affilition. Henry is in the first year of a multi year contract with the Denver Broncos and he is nursing knee and ankle injuries that he suffered last week. Maybe the marijuana he tested positive for was medicinal and was helping him heal? Either way it’s another athlete in a long line that just couldn’t stay away from the herb and now him and his team will pay the price. The suspension could be coming at the right time. The way I see it, Henry needs all the rest he can get after fathering nine children from nine different women in the south. Although the loss in salary might hurt his child support payments. The Broncos have lost two straight and their run defense is looking horrible. More bad news, the San Diego Chargers are up next and look out for a break-through game from LaDainian Tomlinson, though Norv Turner might find a way to screw this up too.

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