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Beckham: My Favorite Global Icon

By now you all have read my distinguished colleagues post about David Beckham, but what he doesn’t understand is how Beckham transcends the MLS, soccer, and even sports in general. Everyone keeps talking about the 250 million dollar investment the Galaxy have made. First of all the numbers are grossly exagerrated, they are no where near 250 million. Second of all, if the numbers are true, believe me, the Galaxy have recouped their investment and then some. Let’s be honest, Beckham wasn’t brought to Los Angeles to bring a MLS championship. His best days are clearly behind him. That being said, he is still head and shoulders above anyone else in the MLS. His coming to the Galaxy wasn’t a sports decision. It was a cultural decision. Admit it, before Beckham, half the population didn’t know we had a professional soccer league in the states. The MLS was on par with the WNBA. Since Beckham’s arrival, there hasn’t been a day that we haven’t mentioned soccer, and it’s not even a World Cup year. Everyone has an image of soccer players being primadonnas, but what we fail to see is the grind that these player’s bodies go through. So let Becks have his rest, he’s earned it just by the added revenue that he has brought to this dying league. Also who doesn’t want to see Beckham rockin’ his Dolce & Gabbana suits on the sideline. Is it too late to cast my vote for man-crush of the week on Becks?

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Bend Over Galaxy

Another game, another injury for Becks. Wednesday night, Beckham suffered a knee injury after a collision in the Superliga final. “Maybe it is a sign to give it a rest, get it right and not come back until it is right,” said Beckham after the game. Ummmmm… No, I don’t think so. I’m sure the Galaxy is ALL ABOUT giving their $250 million dollar poster boy a “rest until it is right.” Am I the only person who thinks that this guy is overrated? Did the Galaxy really think that this guy was going to turn a crappy team around and take them somewhere? Look across town and see what Kobe has done with the Lakers. Not to say that Becks is anywhere as dominant as Kobe is in his sport, but you can’t surround a star athlete around minor league players and hope that he will turn the franchise around. I don’t want to hear anything about Landon Odom either. Sure the Galaxy sold tickets and Jerseys but with another injury, the only Spice girl visiting the Home Depot Center will be Scary looking for her baby daddy Axel Foley.

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