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Gs Up, HOs Down

steve mcnairAnother tragic death superstar death, and I ain’t talkin’ about Michael Jacskon.  For those of you that don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s Steve McNair.  Shot in the head TWICE by his 20 year old girlfriend.  I’m sure she had her reasons like, he’s cheating on me and life sucks.  That totally justifies murder, totally. Crazy bitches all over the place (see Dirk Nowitzki).  These athletes gotta know what they’re getting themselves into.  Everyone knows that them ladies love the money.  On the other hand, the ladies to have to know what they’re getting into, dating a millionaire who has lived most of his life getting whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  I’m not saying that justifies adultery (even though they weren’t married) but shit, if you want a safe bet, go out with the blue-collar worker from the docks, I guarantee you he’ll treat you like the queen you are.  As for “Air” McNair, he quietly retired from the league, was one of the toughest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen play. Too bad he never one the big one.

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Tom Brady to Spend A LOT More Time With Gisele

What a turn of events!!! I’ll get right to it: opening game of the season, the New England Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, 1st quarter, no score, Tom Brady steps up to make a throw to Randy Moss when Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard, already on the ground, lunges forward at Brady’s knee; the result, torn ACL, out of the season (Brady that is).  This team just went from Superbowl favorites to “let’s hope we make the playoffs.” WOW!!! I don’t know what else there is to say.  Sure they still beat the Chiefs, which actually shows how pathetic my Chiefs are, but is backup starter Matt Cassel the answer for the Pats? Cassel hasn’t started a game since he was in high school, though he did a decent job managing the game Sunday. Now I wanna see the “genius” Bill Belichik work some of his magic.  For years, I’ve been hearing how he’s the best coach in the league. Let’s see what he’s gonna whip up for the rest of the season.  Is that Daunte Culpepper’s phone I hear ringing?  Don’t forget, in 2004 Culpepper threw for 39 tds, with a third of those going to Moss.  Maybe Culpepper’s a stretch, but I’m not sure Cassel can handle this.  Looks like the race in the AFC is wide open, ready for the pickin’s.  I know there’s one team that’s smiling right now. Ummm, Steelers/Colts, please step up and take your spot at the head of the class.

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Advice to NFL Teams Headed to Playoffs

I’m no NFL genius, nor have I ever been confused for one.  However, in watching football for most of my life, I’ve realized that nothing good comes out of week 17, at least for the teams that have already locked in a playoff spot.  I’ve crutches onthebuzzer.comheard teams give reasons like not wanting to lose momentum or sending the wrong signal to the non-star athletes.  These guys are professionals, they know which players are replaceable, no need to trick them. Colts, Chargers, Jags, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Packers, Cowboys, rest your guns. You have too much to lose by playing them in week 17. You noticed I didn’t include a couple of teams who have already clinched: the Patriots, who are looking for a perfect season, should play their starters then pull them when the game is out of reach; the Steelers, too late as your Superbowl dreams went down with Willie; Giants, doesn’t matter because they don’t have a chance either way.  With that said, I’m sure no one will listen to my advice, but afterwards, they’ll regret their decisions, and all you’ll be hearing is “those ONTHEBUZZER guys were right.”

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Editor’s Picks’ Results Week 4; Picks for Week 5

dogs playing pokerWell folks, after another week of picks your NFL editors Ara and Romik both went 6 (wins)-7(losses)-1(push). On the year, that puts use each at 14-19-5. We’re in a dead heat folks, but don’t worry, I’ll take the lead this week, you can bet on it.


GAME ……………………………… Ara………………Romik

Panthers @ Saints -3 ………Saints…………… Saints

Jaguars -2 @ Chiefs ………. Chiefs…………… Chiefs

Lions @ Redskins -3.5. . … Skins…………… Lions

Falcons @ Titans -9 ……… Titans………….. Titans

Dolphins @ Texans -5.5… Texans…………. Texans

Seahawks @ Steelers -6… Steelers……… Seahawks

Browns @ Pats -16.5………. Pats…………….. Pats

Cards -3 @ Rams …………. Rams……………..Cards

Jets @ Giants -3 ……………Giants…………….Giants

Bucs @ Colts -10……………..Colts……………..Colts

Chargers @ Broncos -1….Broncos…………Broncos

Ravens -3 @ 49ers……….Ravens…………….Ravens

Bears @Packers -3…………Pack………………….Pack

Cowboys -10 @ Bills……..Cowboys………..Cowboys

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Fantasy Football Week 3 NFC RB Preview

Cowboys: Jones no, Barber yes (plays with heart)
Giants: Ward at ‘skins, bench him.
Eagles: Westbrook good but needs to score, 125 + 1 td @ hosting Lions
Redskins: Portis is back, hosting playing weak NY, top 100 + td
Bears: Benson in the doghouse, forget it
Lions: lions have RB? nuff said
Packers: Wynn/Jackson @ Lambeau against tuff Charger D, bench ’em
Vikings: AP at no D Chiefs, golden play, top 100 + td
Falcons: no falcons should ever start this season
Panthers: Foster @ Atlanta, don’t like it
Saints: Bush/Deuce split carries, one should breakout at home but who?
Bucs: Cadillac looking good, at home against Rams, 1 td, 80 yds
Cardinals: Cards will pound ball with Edge, look for 80 + 1 td
49ers: Gore at Pitt, still gotta play him, only way Niners score
Seahawks: Alexander hosting Cincy, NFC stud; 150 + 2td NFC STUD
Rams: another tough matchup for Stephen, hate to bench him but gotta

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Poll Results: Who Will Win the Superbowl this Year?

San Diego Chargers 9%
Indianapolis Colts 27%
New England Patriots 36%
Chicago Bears 18%
None of the Above 9%

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Saints Go Marching Home

How did I pass up on this guy in my fantasy league (I took Stephen Jackson with the second pick). The Saints entered the RCA Dome on Thursday night with talks of a Superbowl preview. If this is how the Saints expect to play this year, they won’t even make it to the Holiday Bowl. The Colts whooped on the Saints, 41-10, with the Saints only TD coming of a fumble recovery. All the concerns of the Colts losing key players can be thrown out the door, because they picked up where they left off last season. In fact, they looked better. Peyton Manning threw for 3 TD and 288 yds while Joseph Addai rushed for over 100 yds and 1 td. So for all the teams on the Colts schedule this year, consider yourselves warned. If you don’t plan on putting up at least 30 points a game, you might as well stay home on Sunday. As for the Saints, it’s not going to get easier with the Bucs, Panthers and Seahawks coming up soon. Damn, I knew I should’ve picked Manning. I’m gonna petition for a re-draft.

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

NFL kicks off Thursday evening with the Saints at Indy. Peyton Manning and co. will begin their title defense against Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. With Dominic Rhodes gone, the Colts are more worried about the surprise retirement of left tackle Tarik Glen. His replecement, rookie second round pick Tony Ugoh from Arkansas. The Saints arsenal consists of Drew Brees, who seemingly hasn’t thrown an incomplete pass all preseason, Reggie Bush who is coming off an 88 reception year and rookie sensation Marques Colston. By dumping the baggage of Joe Horn, the Saints have chosen to go young and are poised to make a run for the NFC Championship. But the run might have to wait until week 2. With Peyton and Marvin, expect a good old fashion shootout at the OK Corral. Final Score: Colts 31, Saints 21.

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