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Carolina Panthers: Flying Under The Radar

In case you didn’t know it, the Carolina Panthers are 9-3.  That’s right, they are for real folks.  They just marched into Lambeau field and roughed up the Green Bay Packers. “Smoke and mirrors” you say?  “Who the hell do they have” you say?  Let’s start off with the guy in charge, QB Jake Delhome.  12 tds, 9 picks in 12 games, my bad, can’t be him. Maybe it’s the receiving game, WR Steve Smith with 4 tds in 10 games?  No, not him either.  OK, enough beating around the bush, it’s the running game folks.  RBs DeAngelo Williams and rookie Jonathan Stewart with a combined 14 tds and over 1,400 rushing yards. Smashmouth foothball, with a little help from the Julius Peppers and that defense who ranks in the top 10 in the league in every defensive category.  Don’t sleep on these guys folks, they’re tied for first in their division and are leading the wild-card race.  If they can avoid the Giants, they might be playing on February 1.

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Tampa Bay Bucs Insider:

tampa bay buccaneers onthebuzzer.comInteresting day, seeing most of our reserve team taking it on the field today behind QB Luke McCown. I will say that the majority of the reserves that played today are ready to take on their roles for the playoffs. This team has a lot of heart and Tampa should be looking forward to see their team in the playoffs. Thank you Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

spazpatches onthebuzzer.comThis article contributed by ONTHEBUZZER‘s Tampa Bay Buccaneers correspondent, Spazpatches. CLICK HERE to see action from todays Panthers v. Bucs game.

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Sorry T.O., Karma’s A Bitch

terrell owens onthebuzzer.comJust when you thing that Terrell Owens has turned over a new leaf, boom!!! Think again. After going quietly for the most part of the season and racking up touchdown after touchdown, the old T.O. has reared it’s ugly head. First there was a verbal was with Keyshawn Johnson, then the whole Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo fiasco and to top it off, a serious ankle injury that knocked him out of the game Saturday night against the Carolina Panthers. All this drama started and ended in a matte of weeks. Sure the Cowboys won the game 20-13, but let’s not fool ourselves, anything less than a Superbowl appearance would and should be considered a failure. As for T.O., he needs to get back to shutting his mouth and playing ball . If not, karma’s gonna come and and bite this team in the rear. Then some heads are gonna have to roll.

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Do You Know How Bad David Carr Is?

How bad is he? He is so bad that the Carolina Panthers would rather start a 43 year old quarterback who has been withonthebuzzer.com vinny testaverde the team for 2 weeks.  That’s right folks, Vincent “Vinnie” Testaverde got the nod and will start Sunday at home against the Colts.  Nothing against Vinnie, I love the guy, but c’mon… Panther Coach John Fox stated that he doesn’t think David Carr is 100%.  Carr hasn’t been 100% since he was drafted. “It’s not an indictment on David Carr by any stretch” said Fox.  Ummmm, sure buddy, I’m sure Carr feels great now that you threw out that disclaimer. The fact of the matter is that coming out of Fresno State, there was a lot of hype surrounding this guy.  However, ala Akili Smith and Ryan Leaf, he hasn’t amounted to much and is frankly not NFL caliber.  Looks like this Carr has stalled on the NFL turnpike, on second thought, tow it to the dumpster, you might be able to get salvage value for it.

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Saints Keep Marching On

saints.jpgUnfortunately, they are marching in the wrong direction. MY Saints! That’s right… some of us don’t jump on and off the wagon (or flip/flop as my colleague likes to say). What the hell is going on with Drew Brees? Not like the rest of the team is doing any better, but 29-47, 2 INTs, and 0 TDs is not going to cut. 13 points? What team is going to win in this league with only 13 points? At least the game was close, which probably hurts the Saints and their fans even worse. Last years darling team going into this game 0-3, lose their fourth consecutive on John Kasay’s 52 yard field goal with no time remaining on the clock. To make matters worse, New Orleans could have clinched this one in the fourth, but the newly acquired Olindo Mare had one field goal blocked and missed another from 52 yards. He is now 3-7 for the year and the once considered Super Bowl contenders are now fighting for their playoff lives!

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