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And With the First Pick of the Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers Select:

So the Portland Blazers have decided not to re-sign Greg Oden. The #1 pick in the 2007 draft, Greg Oden is possibly and probably one of the biggest NBA draft busts.  Plagued with injuries, Oden hasn’t amounted to much. He didn’t play his rookie year, 61 games in 2008, 21 in 2009 and so far a big donut for 2010. Remember, the Blazers picked Oden over Kevin Durant in the ’07 draft.  Doh! I would fire everyone in the organization that contributed to that decision. Imagine a Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant combo… OK, now stop imagining because it’s never going to happen.  I gotta be honest with you, I’m a little disappointed with Oden.  I remember him in college, when he broke his arm and still played, shooting freethrows with his left hand. I told myself, this guy’s a soldier. And look at him now, looking like a WWI soldier.  Big men in this league are at a premium. And it’s too bad that this kid couldn’t get it together.  I myself thought that Oden would be better than, gulp, Andrew Bynum. Not that Bynum is that spectacular.  Both injury prone, both far from their peak.  But heck, at least Bynum is only injured 50% of the time.  Oden’s a long distance away from those Ohio State days but maybe if he can get his act together, he can resurrect his career.  Actually, forget resurrecting, let’s hope he can salvage it. I’d give Grant Hill a call. And if I was Oden, I’d give Hakeem Olajuwon a call.  Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant did.  I’m betting Oden could use some help down low in the post, all 7 feet, 285 lbs of him. Oden’s supposed to be back late November. Let’s cross our fingers. Maybe he’ll be most improved player… Maybe not.

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Portland v. Phoenix: The Phoenix Suns have been playing like the Suns of old.  Amare Stoudamire finally looks like the beast he was a few years ago.  Steve Nash is still one of the top point guards in the league. They’re facing a depleted Portland team without their star Brandon Roy. Marcus Camby is one of those proven “losers” who will never be on a winning team. I like Batum, LaMarcus and A-Miller but they just don’t have enough firepower without Roy. Neither one of these teams is advancing past the second round anyway.  I’ll take the Suns in 7.

Dallas v. San Antonio: Remember a couple months ago when the Mavericks were streaking, I think they won 13 in a row?  Well, streaks over now.  The Caron Butler hype has died down. It’s the Spurs that are playing the best basketball in the West.  It’s too bad these two teams had to match up in the first round.  While offensively both these teams have the ability to win the game, same ol’ story for the Mavs…no defense, no fundamentals.  Enter the “Big F” himself in Tim Duncan, with the best offseason pickup of the year in Richard Jefferson, and you got a recipe for success.  As long as Tony Parker can play like he used to, and Ginobli continue what he’s doing, the Spurs should take this series in 6, and the only reason it goes that far is ’cause the Mavs have home court advantage.

Utah v. Denver : This is going to be the most interesting match-up in the first round.  I would love to see the Nuggets fail (man do I hate J.R. Smith) but they just have a little more swagger and tougness than the Jazz.  Carmelo Anthony is a bonafide superstar that can take over any game and Mr. Big Shot Billups has been to the promised land and knows hot to get there again. I am concerned however about the depth of the Jazz.  Paul Milsap has been a bust since signing that big offseason contract extension. Boozer and D-Will are solid but there’s no one else that you can rely on (maybe Okur).  Jazz are hurting at shooting guard and small forward, AK-47 is injured.  Kyle Korver can only shoot 3s.  It’s gonna be gritty but the Nuggets should wrap this up in 5.

Oklahoma City v. Lakers: Now on paper, you would take the Lakers in 4.  BUT, the Lakers have taken care of business all year.  They don’t put teams away when they should.  Their bench has been MIA all year.  Kobe’s finger is STILL an issue.  Bynum’s health is still in question. With that said, I do expect a HUGE series from Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.  Nobody is gonna be able to stop these guys.  The Thunder, on the other hand, have nothing to lose.  Kevin Durant is having an MVP type season. But that’s it.  Russell Westbrook FG% and 3pt% is horrible.  Sure, he can drive and dish and dunk but if he can’t stretch the defense with his outside shooting, they’re gonna have problems.  Plus, with the size the Lakers have, I don’t think the Thunder is going to do much in the paint.  Look for the Lakers to outshine the Thunder, LA in 4 (did I just say that?)

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Trevor Ariza Inducted Into Pistons’ Bad Boy Hall of Fame

Lakers Trail Blazers BasketballFirst of all, the Lakers got blasted by the Portland Blazers by 17 on Monday night.  The game was a blowout early but the tension was still in the air when Trevor Ariza was ejected after fouling Rudy Fernandez who had a wide open dunk. Ariza was ejected, and assessed with a flagrant foul. Let me say this, IT WASN’T DIRTY.  Watch the replays, Ariza got a lot of ball.  And you know what, if I’m getting my ass kicked by 28, there’s no way in hell I’m letting the opposing team rub it in my face with a crowd pumpin’ dunk.  If this was the 80s, all Ariza would have gotten was a personal foul and probably kudos from most of his teammates.  Remember the Bad Boys of Detroit? Remember Kevin Mchale’s dirty fould on Kurt Rambis? These days you have morons like Tim Leghler who can’t even dunk the ball calling it a dirty play and demanding action from the league front office. The same Leghler who didn’t do shit in the NBA. I’m sure Ariza will be fined and suspended for a game or two but if you ask me, let them play.  Look, I too am concerned for other players’ health but 1) Fernandez should’ve probably not been in the game at that point, and frankly, 2) go up stronger.  To me, it looks like he lost control after the Ariza swat. That’s just my opinion.

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Welcome to the NBA Greg Oden

459017852_6d4723045bRemember this guy? Dare I say he’s back. I think? Anyway, it’s about freakin’ time.  I’m sick of defending Greg Oden to my friends.  I remembered him in college, tearing it up with a broken hand. Then came the NBA, landing on the injured list his rookie year, microfracture surgery.  Enter the ’08-09 season full of promises and dreams, and el stiffo has been nothing but a disappointment, showing flashes of brilliance every full moon or so.  Bynum or Oden, Oden or Bynum.  I stuck by Oden, even through the ridicule of all my peers.  And, as if someone has been listening to my prayers, bring on the fat chicks of the NBA, the slumpbusters, a.k.a. the New Jersey Nets.  Career high 24 points and career tying 15 rebounds.  Throw in 2 blocks and 2 steals and whala!!! Nice game.  Now if you’re reading this Mr. Oden, you can’t have another big game the next time a shitty team comes around.  You gotta play big every minute of every game, like maybe against the Cleveland Cavs on Wednesday. That’s the only way I’ll, I mean you’ll get the respect you deserve. We know you got it in you buddy, maybe your second year in the league might be a good time to show it? Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like back to back double doubles. I’d ask for a triple-double but that might be pushing it… Baby steps, baby steps.

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Hey Lakers Fans!!!

Portland this, Portland that… Look what happened on opening night as the Los Angeles Lakers waxed the Portland Trailblazers, 96-76.  The same Trailblazers that were supposed to be “serious contenders.”  The same Blazers that have waited over 1 year to see big man Greg Oden take their team to the next level.  I’m not judging them yet, but this team (Blazers) has a way to go. They’re young and inexperienced.  They might sneak into the playoffs, maybe… But they’re going to need more than Oden’s 0-4 shooting. As for the Lakers, not bad.  I thought they might come out in true LA fashion and make this one close.  But not if the Kobster had something to do with it.  I guess the Lamar Odom experiment is working, so far.  I do expect more from Bynum though. Let’s just call it rust.  As for MY Lakers, avoid major injuries and the Championship is as good as ours…

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Lucky #14

portland trail blazers onthebuzzer.comOK, it’s supposed to be 13, but technically, their streak ended at 13 games.  The Portland Trail Blazers‘ win streak ended at 13 games on Monday as their bid for 14 fell at Salt Lake City against the Utah Jazz, 101-111. No big deal, everyone’s gotta lose at some point.  But the true test for these youngsters will be their next game.  Will they bounce back or start a losing streak of their own? Luckily, their next opponent is the worst team in the league in the Minnesota Timbewolves and then they’ll face the Bulls right after. So let’s go Blazers, we’re all rooting for you.  Well, all except Wolves’ and Bulls’ fans I guess…

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Blazers On A Roll

brandon roy onthebuzzer.comJail Blazers no more, Portland Trail Blazers they are.  On Friday, led by last year’s rookie of the year phenom Brandon Roy, the Blazers won their league leading 12th game in a row.  No Greg Oden, no problem.  A lot of people were thinking this team was going to tank when their #1 draft pick Greg Oden went down in the preseason. Tim Duncan/David Robinson combo? Not this team.  The Blazers are looking to make a playoff appearance.  The young guys want some post season experience, with or without their franchise big man. Don’t get me wrong, this team still has a long way to go.  At this point in the season, they have the 8th best record in the West.  They might not make the dance at the end of the year.  But watch out for them next year, when Oden returns and gives these Blazers a true inside presence.

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Same Ol’ San Antonio Spurs, Blazers?

onthebuzzer.com eva longoriaThe first game of the 2007-08 NBA season just finished and imagine that, the Spurs won their home opener against the Portland Trailblazers.  That’s 10 in a row against Portland, who hung in ’till the very end, but eventually lost, 106-97. It was Championship Ring night for the Spurs with Michael Finley finally getting what he deserved.  I can’t help but notice how many times the camera panned to Eva Longoria throughout the evening. We got it TNT, she hot, he’s whipped, they’re married, they’re a superstar couple. She even held Tony Parker’s ring in her hand (not the only thing of Parkers she’s got the clamps on. Not much else to say about the Spurs, other than Tim Duncan with 24 points and 13 boards and Parker and Ginobli following with a combined 35 points.  As for Parker’s 2 assists, he might want to look into that.

onthebuzzer.com michael finleyLet’s turn our heads to the Trailblazers.  These guys are actually better than I, or most of the country outside of Oregon, thought they are.  LaMarcus Aldridge and Martell Webster led the way with a combined 48 points. Travis Outlaw contributed with 11 off the bench. Rookie of the year Brandon Roy seemed to be bothered by that pesky Bruce Bowen the entire game and only finished with a measly 7 points.  The Blazers looked good, but if only they had someone down low that could block shots and give them some presence…hmmmm…Right now I’m having delusions of grandeur of a healthy #1 pick. We miss you Greg Oden.

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