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Today, head coach, or shall I say ex Brad Childress was “let go” by the Minnesota Vikings.  I have 2 words for the Vikings organization… TOO LATE.  After being waxed at home by the rival Packers, the Vikings have sunk to 3rd place in their division with an ugly 3-7 record.  They are 1 game ahead of the Lions and 4 games behind both the Pack and the Bears.  Why wasn’t this move made 1 month ago, when they could’ve salvaged their season?  Their wins have come against the Cowboys, Lions, and Cardinals.  Who would’ve thought that the Brett Favre of last year would turn into a pumpkin this year.  That’s karma for Brett and the Vikings.  Brett should have come to training camp this year.  He has been out of sync with his receivers all year.  Chilly and the Vikes should’ve never bent over for Brett.  They sent players to recruit him sent the head coach to the airport to pick him up.  Are you kidding me? The Vikings forgot that their most important player wasn’t Favre, rather it was Adrian Peterson.  Now they’ve wasted this year, AP’s legs and any chance to make the Superbowl in a weak NFC. Good luck Chilly, I’m sure you’ll find a job somewhere, just not as a head coach.

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A.P. Tear-ing It Up!

adpeterson.jpgAdrian Peterson has been tearing it up in his rookie season, but unfortunately, he did so his right knee this past weekend. The prolific running back injured the lateral collateral ligament (whatever that means) in his right knee, but Vikings coach Brad Childress says Peterson won’t need surgery. The rookie sensation, who just a week earlier set the NFL single-game rushing record with 296 yards against San Diego, got some good news Monday. The injury is not considered serious enough to require surgery or jeopardize Peterson’s season. “I was very relieved. It could’ve been a lot worse,” Peterson said. “I just thank God. I’ll be back soon.” Team doctors said the tear is considered a “two-plus” on a 3 point scale, however, it’s not as serious as an anterior cruciate ligament tear. Personally, I don’t care if he plays another game this year, he already has my vote as rookie of the year!

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Running Back Controversy?

Adrian Peterson is leading the NFL in rushing as a rookie with 607 yards, averaging 6.3 yards per carry and on his way to rookie of the year. Right now he is the best running back in the league. Just ask any fantasy football geek, er guru, and they’ll tell you the same. However, Peterson is still second fiddle on his own team. The number one back on the Minnesota Vikings is Chester Taylor. The same Chester Taylor that has 141 total yards and 0 touchdowns. After Peterson’s fabulous start, head coach Brad Childress felt it necessary to come out and tell the press that Peterson is still their number two back. What was the point of that? Are Chester Taylor’s feelings being hurt that a rookie is shining over him? Even if Peterson is the second back, which is idiotic because the kid is a horse, it still was unnecessary for Childress to address the media about it. I just hope this doesn’t hinder the amazing rookie year we are seeing from Peterson. Is Childress going to bench him in the fourth quarter to give Taylor more touches? Or will Taylor be relegated to the role of touchdown vulture? We just have to wait and see how this one plays out, but adjust your fantasy lineups, because it seems we have a good ol’ fashioned platoon on our hands.

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