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Red Sox Enjoying the Holliday

onthebuzzer.com big papi david ortizDid someone forget to tell the “red hot” Colorado Rockies that the World Series has started.  Looks like the Rockies have already begun planning their offseason.  With another loss on Saturday to the Boston Red Sox, a.k.a. the new Yankees, the Rockies are on the verge of being swept in the World Series.  I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like the Rockies are just happy to be here.  No one outside of Denver expected them to make the playoffs. And the way they’re playing right now, I’m not sure if they expected to be here. Nevertheless, again props to the Red Sox for cruising through the playoffs in what I consider the EASIEST road to the playoff; the hapless Angels, gutless Indians, and the spineless Rockies. I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate mail but let’s call a spade a spade.  The Red Sox are the best team in the playoffs, and the teams they faced throughout simply bent over for them.  Let me be the first to congratulate the 2007 MLB World Series Champs, the Boston Red Sox. And I never want to hear anyone say that the NL is as good as the AL. Talk about a lopsided win. Go ahead, talk about it…

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Do the Rockies Have a Chance against the Red Sox?

onthebuzzer.com boston red soxNothing fancy about this article, I just wonder if the NL stands a chance against the superior AL? I’m not sure if it’s the Red Sox or what, but all I know if that the Sox just seem like a pro team and everyone they face, pop warner. It’s obvious that the Rockies are in a must win situation tonight. SIDE NOTE: I’m sitting here watching the game in the 2nd inning and J.D. Drew just got nailed in the ankle (ooooh, that’s gotta hurt). Suck it up baby, rub some $$$ on it and it will go away. Back to the article, the Rockies need to also sweep at home. The Red Sox don’t lose too often at Fenway, and they don’t lose game 6s and 7s. So if you want the ring Rockies, it’s go time.

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Bravo Red Sox…ZZZZZZZ

onthebuzzer.com dustin pedroiaFirst off, let me give credit where it’s due, congrats Red Sox. You went through the hapless Angels, the choked out Indians, and are probably going to spank the Colorado Rockies now that they lost their MOJO. I love Big Papi, Youkilis, Lowell, Beckett, Varitek and am even happy for Lugo. We all know how I feel about Drew and Manny (hate them just in case you didn’t know). However, I will put my emotions aside like a good journalist and take my hat off to the Sox. To come from 3 down is a great feat. I knew it was over as soon as it came back to Boston, and by the looks of the Indians, they knew it too. Beckett is definitely the MVP of the series and will probably continue his masterpiece in the World Series. You guys will probably win in 6-ish and I will have to write another article about how good the Sox are. But until then, LET’S GO ROCKIES LET’S GO, CLAP, CLAP, CLAPCLAPCLAP!!!

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I Hate J.D. Drew

onthebuzzer.com j.d. drewOut of all the players to step up in Game 6, why did it have to be J.D. Drew? My most hated player currently, and possibly of all time, Drew came up big in game 6, going 3-5 with 5 rbis and a grand slam. Thanks for showing up Indians; C.C. Sabathia, what a joke. I finally figured out what the C.C. stands for: CHOKE CITY!!! I’ve said it before, Drew is the epitome of the modern day players and everything that’s wrong with athletes today. I guess I gotta cheer for the Rockies at this point. Unfortunately, by the time the Rockies come back from their week long hiatus, they will be out of their groove and probably come out flat. If there’s a god, the good guys should win, unless the Sox are being set up for a bigger embarrassment in the World Series. If that’s the case, just give me a sign, any sign so I can sleep comfortably…. well, I’m waiting…

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Josh Beckett

onthebuzzer.com josh beckettQuite possibly the game’s best post season pitcher? In another exemplary performance, Boston ace Josh Beckett shut down the Cleveland Indians yet once again, proving that he should be considered one of the best, if not THE BEST clutch pitchers ever.  Beckett struck out 11 in 8 innings en route to a 7-1 victory over the Indians at Cleveland.  This guy has stepped up for his team time and time again.  I’m proud to say that yes, he was on my fantasy team.  It’s unfortunate the Beckett can’t pitch everyday, because he’s the only players Boston can count on.  Now it’s on to game 6 with Schilling going against Carmona in Boston.  Which Schill is going to show up is a mystery to us all.  But if Boston wins game 6, are they going to send Dice to the mound? I hope Francona has something up his sleeve because Dice and Game 7 is a recipe for disaster.

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New Dice, New Dice

onthebuzzer.com dice kLooks like this set of Dice fell off the table and the dealer forgot to replace them. On Monday, the Cleveland Indians rolled snake eyes and cashed in on the Boston Red Sox and their rookie phenom Dice-K. Dice gave up 4 runs in 4.2 innings, and allowed Cleveland to take a 2-1 series lead. Now the Indians have a chance to go to the world series. Can you believe that? A few days ago everyone was talking about how overmatched they looked. But after taking 2 in a row, Cleveland can closeonthebuzzer.com bone thugs n harmony this out at home. They need Paul Byrd to continue his magic in game 4 to all but end this series. Cleveland, the home of Albert Belle, Bone Thugs n Harmony (Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone!!!), and King James (although I’m still pissed at him for wearing a Yankees cap). They deserve it, dammit. ONTHEBUZZER is rooting for you fellas, no team with J.D. Drew deserves to go to the World Series, let alone win it. No offense Bostonians, but J.D. Drew stands for everything wrong about sports these days, $ $ and more $.

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Tribe Take Trey

Jase Westbrook and the Cleveland Indians take a 2-1 lead in the ALCS, beating kennylofton.jpgthe Boston Red Sox 4-2. Kenny Lofton, the ageless one, gave the Indians the jump they needed, hitting a two-run home run in the second inning off rookie Daisuke Matsuzaka. With the next two games at home, the Indians could presumably close out the series! Game 4 on Tuesday night will feature two soft tossers: Cleveland’s Paul Byrd, with his old-school windup, and Boston’s Tim Wakefield, the 41-year-old knuckleballing master who hasn’t pitched since Sept. 29. First the Yanks, now the Red Sox? Make no mistake, the Tribe are for real, but do they have what it takes to close it out?

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Going, Going, Gagne

onthebuzzer.com fausto carmonaEnter the the 11th inning, tied at 6 a piece. The Indians just retired the 3 headed monster in Ramirez, Ortiz and Lowell. Indians up to bat and pitching for the Sox…back from a steroid cleanse, Eric “game over” Gagne. Terry Francona used up all his good pitchers; Schilling, Okajima, Timlin and of course Pap (2 innings btw). Did the Sox really think that inserting Gagne was the answer. Francona has been making all the right calls until this one. Gagne got the 1st out, then walked and gave up a single. 2/3 of an inning later, Sox are down 7 and the Indians are headed home, mission accomplished. Now you can start worrying Boston fans, because up next is Dice-K vs. Jake Westbrook. Dice has been anything but consistent lately, he can make up for it with a stellar start. All Boston has to do is win one of three in Cleveland and reclaim home field. Chances are they will, but then again weirder things have happened.

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onthebuzzer.com manny ramirezGame 1 of the ALCS and the Red Sox quashed all that talk about upsets and C.C. and team of destiny.  The Indians looked overmatched, overpowered and frankly over it.  C.C. Sabathia, cy young candidate lasted a measley 4.1 innings and 8 runs.  HUH? What the heck happened hear?  This guy has cruised through the regular season and the playoffs. This is when it counts, that’s the difference.  So Indians, go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong b/c if not, this series will be over before you know it.  As for the Sox, you beat my Angels, but I gotta give you props, the best team keeps on rolling.  Either that, or it’s that Red Sox mystique.

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josh beckett onthebuzzer.comsabathia onthebuzzer.comThat’s what I think game 1 should be based on, other than taking a pivotal 1-0 lead in the playoffs. I know, I know, playoffs don’t count in the voting, but wouldn’t that make it interesting. Cleveland ace C.C. Sabathia takes his band of brothers to Boston, along with his 19-7 records and 3.21 era to face, who other than playoff sensation, Mr. Clutch Josh Beckett and his 20-7 records, 3.27 era. These guys both deserve the Cy Young award (props to Fausto Carmona and his 19-8 records and 3.06 era). The game will be decided by the pitcher who makes the least mistakes. Fortunately for Beckett, his Sox have more offensive ammo who can capitalize on their mistakes. If Cleveland steals game 1, watch out because then Carmona can come in and pitch comfortably on Saturday without the pressures of a must-win situation. bulletin board material onthebuzzer.comWith Boston as the favorite to win, I predicting another masterful performance by Papi and co. But if Cleveland can get to Beckett early, and force the Sox bullpen into the game, its over for Boston. We all know ups and downs of Gagnes and Okajima. Good luck Indians, and as much as I hate to see it, I think Boston will pull it out in 6. Please prove me wrong and yes Indian clubhouse, you are allowed to use this post as bulletin board material(just remember to take down the birthday cards).

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