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I don’t know what pleases me more, Brett Favre throwing pick after pick or the demise of the San Diego Chargers. Today, the Chargers almost did the unthinkable…turn their season around.  Down 23-6 in the fourth quarter, they scored a touchdown, recovered an onside kick, scored again, got the ball back and then missed a 50+ yard field goal to send the game into overtime. It seems like they always play well in the fourth quarter.  This game shouldn’t have been that close in the first play. The Chargers got lucky by recovering the onside kick.  The Pats weren’t ready for it and got caught napping.  Instead of newly acquired kicker Kris Brown kicking a 45 yard field goal, they got nailed with a false start which pushed them back 5 yards. The kick, well it went off the post. But I can’t blame the kicker.  The Chargers’ offense was flowing, finally, in the 4th quarter.  Their last drive started at New England 48.  They had 3 timeouts left.  And instead of marching and trying to score a TD, they only got one first down and set their kicker up for a sure-fire miss. I hate the Chargers.  They’re a bunch of pre-madonnas. They deserve to be at the bottom of the AFC West.  This football season’s been full of surprises, like the Browns pounding the Saints in New Orleans or the Oakland Raiders having a better records than the Minnesota Vikings.  Throughout all this turmoil, we can always count on the San Diego Chargers choking. And if you enjoyed it this week, you’re gonna love it when the Tennessee Titans come into town next week to lay one on the Chargers. Ready to witness the best running back in the league, Chris Johsnon, run wild on them .

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Tom Brady to Spend A LOT More Time With Gisele

What a turn of events!!! I’ll get right to it: opening game of the season, the New England Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, 1st quarter, no score, Tom Brady steps up to make a throw to Randy Moss when Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard, already on the ground, lunges forward at Brady’s knee; the result, torn ACL, out of the season (Brady that is).  This team just went from Superbowl favorites to “let’s hope we make the playoffs.” WOW!!! I don’t know what else there is to say.  Sure they still beat the Chiefs, which actually shows how pathetic my Chiefs are, but is backup starter Matt Cassel the answer for the Pats? Cassel hasn’t started a game since he was in high school, though he did a decent job managing the game Sunday. Now I wanna see the “genius” Bill Belichik work some of his magic.  For years, I’ve been hearing how he’s the best coach in the league. Let’s see what he’s gonna whip up for the rest of the season.  Is that Daunte Culpepper’s phone I hear ringing?  Don’t forget, in 2004 Culpepper threw for 39 tds, with a third of those going to Moss.  Maybe Culpepper’s a stretch, but I’m not sure Cassel can handle this.  Looks like the race in the AFC is wide open, ready for the pickin’s.  I know there’s one team that’s smiling right now. Ummm, Steelers/Colts, please step up and take your spot at the head of the class.

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Thanks for Coming Mr. Lewis

onthebuzzer.com bill belichikThe Baltimore Ravens made it look respectable, at least.  I said it in our NFL Week 13 Preview video, take the Ravens and the points, as there’s no way Ray Lewis gets embarrassed by ANYBODY on Monday, at home.  The Ravens hung in there, until the Patriots decided to play and well, beat the Ravens with a late touchdown, 27-24.  That’s two weeks in a row and two 3-point victories, but hey, a win is a win.  The funny thing is, the 12-0 Patriots believe that they still need improvement.  That’s the mark of a champion.  They better start focusing on their defense and wondering why the Eagles and Ravens combined put up a 52 points on them.  I guess they can just outscore everyone they face, it’s worked for the past 13 weeks.

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Emergency Bitch of the Week: Bill Belichik

This guys tainted all their Superbowl victories, let alone any of their wins. They banned Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe for gambling, get this hack outta here. Give him the Scarlett Letter “C” for cheating. That’s it. No more. I’m not gonna give this guy any more airtime. Read my post below if you don’t understand why he’s the B.O.W.

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Goodell Vetoes BILL

On Thursday evening, NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell laid the smackdown on Bill Belichik and the New England Patriots. $500,000 fine against the coach, $250,000 against the Pats, and either the first round draft pick if they make the playoffs (which they surely will) or second and third round if they don’t. Belichik was quoted in saying “I apologize…for the embarrassment, distraction and penalty my mistake caused.” Isn’t a mistake something you didn’t mean to do, mmmmm… an accident. I wonder how “mistakes” this guy has made? Is it only a mistake if someone catches you doing it? You want my opinion…well I’m still gonna give it to you. Where’s the suspension? Goodell should have come down harder so that it will scare off other teams that haven’t gotten caught yet. I’m glad that Belichik and the Pats have been exposed for what they really are: phonies. America’s team, what a disgrace. I just hope Goodell doesn’t hold back when the time comes to punish a convicted felon in Michael Vick.

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