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Now that we’re back on the right track, 6-3 on the season, time to get down to business.  After perusing through this week’s lines, I’ve got the winner for you: NY Jets at the New England Patriots -3.  After what the Pats have been doing this season, they’ve proven to me that they still have some fight in them. With all of the history between these two clubs, NO WAY Bill Belichick will let his team lose this game in Foxborough, on a Thursday night in front of a national audience to his rival Eric Mangini and his fellow Jets. As for the Jets, they’ve become the poster child for inconsistency.  I’m not saying Brett Favre is to blame, but hasn’t inconsistency followed him throughout his career. They’ve lost to the Raiders, beat the Bills in Buffalo, lost to Chargers, beat the Chiefs. Oh, and most importantly, already lost to the Patriots earlier in the season at home. You tell me who you like? Or shut your mouth, listen to the boss, and e Enjoy your winnings…

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Patriots Running Up the Score; What’cha Gonna Do About It?

onthebuzzer.com bill belichick4th and 1 on the Buffalo 3, Patriots up 35-7. What does Belichek do? They go for it and Brady throws his 5th touchdown pass of the game. Pouring it on, running up the score, call it what you want but the New england Patriots don’t care. They don’t care about their opponents, they don’t care about you, and they don’t care about rules and sporstmanship. I don’t mind it, you go out there and you punish the team you’re playing against until they give up. Sure it looks like the Bills have given up, but if they don’t wanna play, get off the field. This is supposed to be a professional football team and they look like a Div II-A team, if even that. I will say one thing, if the Pats were running up the score on me, I would definitely send in the goon squad for a cheap shot, send them a message. Everyone knows that when an NHL game is out of reach, the goons come in and fights break out. In MLB, someone might get thrown at. Old school NBA-a hard foul. Cheap shot, late hit, roughing the passer, whatever it takes because when the Pats come into town, they’re playing for keeps.

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