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Down with the King

jim leyritzThe King Jim Leyritz, a former major league baseball player, was charged with manslaughter on Friday for driving under the influence and killing another driver.  Many of you don’t remember, but Leyritz was one of the “clutchest” post season designated hitters I’ve seen. He punished the Atlanta Braves many a times, as a Padre and a Yankee.  He quietly disappeared at the end of his career.  It’s sad to see this guy’s career go down.  Another athletes, another felony, what a surprise.

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Torre Watch Over

onthebuzzer.com joe torreOne last Joe Torre article and I’ll put this baby to rest. I think Joe Torre is an avid reader of On The Buzzer, because just one day after I told him to grow some balls and tells the Yankees to shove it, that’s just what he did. Good for you Joe! The Yankees tried to low-ball Torre with a one year extension, and Torre said thanks but no thanks. Now look, I haven’t been the biggest Joe Torre supporter. I think he was made into a god for winning in New York, when with that payroll half the managers in MLB could do the same. I think he would wine a bit too much when the Yankees lost and not give the other team enough credit, and I think he loved the spotlight a bit much as well. But I’ll be the first too admit that the guy seemed like one of the good guys. Now that he’s gone, I kind of miss him already. Strange, but when you go through the past twelve years hating someone and the team that he manages, then all of a sudden it’s over, you miss it a bit. I’m not sure who the next manager of the Yankees will be, reports are Don Mattingly is a shoe in, but it will take some time to develop the type of hatred/respect that I had for Torre. It’s the end of an era in Yankee town and for me. We’ll miss you Joe, and I think Bobby Cox may be retiring in a year, how about coming back to Atlanta and finishing off where you started? Think about it.

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The Greatest Walks Away

onthebuzzer.com john schuerholzIt’s the end of an era in Atlanta with John Schuerholz stepping aside as general manager of the Atlanta Braves. Schuerholz will move to his new position of team president and his hand picked successor, Frank Wren will take over. On a personal note, I am sad to see him leave. Schuerholz broght credibility to the Braves that had never existed. The Braves are an elite franchise, but few people remember before Schuerholz and Bobby Cox, the Braves were a laughing stock. After 17 years, 14 division titles, 5 penants, and 1 World Series championship, the Braves are heading into a new direction. They have failed to make the playoffs for the past two years, and the ownership is still in disaray. However, watch out for Schuerholz in his new role, if it’s up to him, the Braves will be back on top soon and his fingerprints will be all over it. Players have come and gone in the past 17 years, but one constant has been Schuerholz up in the press box. It will be strange to not see him there, but as a fan I feel the team is left in good hands and we would like to wish him the best and and thank him for years of winning and dominance. We’ll miss you John Schuerholz and you swindling all those other general managers in deals.

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Atlanta Braves Say NO, Turn their backs on Andruw Jones

Andruw JonesThe Atlanta Braves announced that they won’t be resigning Andruw Jones next year. The nine time gold glover had his worst offensive year of his life, batting .222 with 26 hr and 94 rbi. The Braves are looking to sign 1b Mark Teixiera, who they picked up this season before the trading deadline from the Texas Rangers. I’m somewhat sad to see Jones go, as I can’t picture him in a different uniform. Jones is looking for a raise and unfortunately, something deep inside of me is telling me that he’s going to end up with pinstripes in the Bronx. Say it ain’t so Jones…

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Children Behave

When did sports become so controlled that celebrating a huge come from behind victory is labeled classless? Everyone criticizes the NFL as the “No Fun League” because of their strict mandates against any type of celebration. Now we are ripping MLB as well for excessive celebrations? The Braves, the team in question, came back from six runs down against division rivals Philadelphia. All of this in the eight inning and beyond. Many of the runs with two outs. The winning runs came in on a bases clearing double by journeyman Matt Diaz. Many of these Braves players are young and weren’t around for most of the division titles. What’s wrong with a little youthful exuberance? Sports are supposed to be fun remember? The Braves had been struggling lately and this victory was well needed just to keep a glimmer of playoff hopes alive. So I say as long as you’re not showing up the other team, go on and celebrate, you deserve it. Next thing you know, they won’t allow fans to cheer in the stands, so enjoy it while you can.

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Bushleague 101:

On Wednesday, September 8th, the Atlanta Braves capped one of their most remarkable comebacks of the season when they beat the Phillies 9-8. Down by 6 runs heading into the bottom of the 8th inning, the Braves torched the Philadelphia bullpen for 4 runs. Just when they thought the fire was out, enter the 9th inning. With 2 out and no one on, closer Brett Myers fell apart and gave up 3 hits and walk to blow the game. The same Myers who a week earlier called a reporter in San Diego a “retard.” To add insult to injury, enter the Braves, who seem to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, with their “We just won the world series!!!” celebration. How often do you see excessive celebrations, regardless of the sport; sacking a QB, hitting a single, taking a charge. Let’s not forget that the overall picture; the title, the cup, the ring. I expect more from a team who won 14 consecutive division titles through ’05. I guess when you’ve fallen 7.5 games out of first place and 6 games behind the wildcard, you become desperate. Just do it with style. Act like you’ve been their before, Atlanta. You’re better than a 9th inning rally to pull you out of the cellar of the NL East. After the game, Myers was quoted in saying, “That celebration was so retarded.”

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