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Pats-Lucky Number 13

moss.jpgLet me start off by saying I am not a New England Patriots fan. But what they have done so far this year is remarkable! Whether you love em or hate em, we are witnessing something that may not be duplicated for as long as we live, and for that they get my respect. With that said, however, today I rooted for the Pats like I have never rooted before… why? Because of that idiot Anthony Smith on the other side of the football. In case you were stuck in a cave for the last couple of days and didn’t hear, Pittsburgh Steelers’ Smith guaranteed a victory over the Patriots today. What happened? Oh nothing… he only got slapped like the bitch that he is by the “Brady Bunch”. After throwing his first TD to Randy Moss, the usually mild mannered Brady ran toward Smith in the endzone and had a few choice words for him. They jawed back and forth, and after a 3 and out for Pitt, the very next offensive play for New England was a play action bomb to Moss for another TD! Smith was left in the dust as he bit thinking it was a run play, only to look over his shoulder to see Moss tiptoeing into the endzone. Game over! Tom Brady ended the day with 399 yards and 4 TD’s, and the streak continues. Moral of the story? I hate shit talkers… Especially from unestablished no names! Hey Steeler fans, you can thank your no named safety for this 34-13 blowout… Nice guarantee!

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Steelers’ Anthony Smith Guarantees Win over Patriots

Who the hell is Anthony Smith? Isn’t he that guy they use to call the A-train? Nope, that’s not him, that’s Anthonyfreddie mitchell onthebuzzer.com Thomas.  Isn’t he  that guy that was involved in the Timberwolves’ scandal? Nope, that’s Joe Smith. I think he was the star of that movie with Angelina Jolie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. [after hours of research] Anthex-lax onthebuzzer.comony Smith is a second year youngin’ who plays safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers who just popped off on Wednesday about guaranteeing a win in Foxboro. Smooth move ex-lax. This guy is a moron.  The Pats don’t need bulletin board material. They’re better than that.  They’re also better than the Pittsburgh Steelers, at the qb position, the wr position, and the defensive end.  I think that’s all you need.  Sure the Pats have been struggling over the past 2 weeks.  But they’ve still won.  At least they didn’t struggle over the winless Miami Dolphins.  I want everyone to watch the massacre on Sunday when the Pats annihilate the Steelers. Then the Steelers can blame Mr. Smith. Until then, you best keep your mouth shut.  Remember when Freddy Mitchell said that he’s “got something for [Rodney Harrison]” before Superbowl XXXIX. Oh, he had something for him, 1 catch for 11 yards.  As for Harrison, 2 pics. P.S. Anyone heard of Mitchell’s whereabouts after the bowl?

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