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Jeremy Lin… Just Jeremy Lin

Linning, Linderella, Linsanity, Lintendo, Lin Lin Lin… Let’s give the guy credit for what he’s done and not just having a catchy name.  Jeremy Lin started for the NY Knicks when they were 8-15.  Now, seven games later, Lin has pulled the Knicks back to .500 and back into the spotlight.  That’s without Carmelo Anthony and mostly without Amare.  The kid is averaging a double double in points and assists which is what you want from a point guard.  I’m not crowning the Knicks the Eastern Conference champs but they are fun to watch.  I think what intrigues me the most is that its proof that anyone with talent and heart can make the NBA.  You don’t have to be a certain race, height or weight.  All you need is to be able to dribble, put the rock in the hoop and something most athletes don’t have… you gotta want it. Good for Jeremy Lin, good for the NY Knicks, good for the game.

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Lakers’ Christmas Wish

So it seems like the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.  Let’s just say it works cap-wise, how the heck would New Orleans and Orlando basically hand the Lakers the Championship. The Lakers starting lineup would be Chris Paul at the point, Kobe at the 2, Ron Artest at the small forward, Dwight Howard in the middle and Derrick Caracter at power forward?  In essence, the Lakers are going all in with this move, if it happens.  I do like trading away Andrew Bynum.  He’s had knee problems for a while and I don’t think he likes being a 4th option. I’d love to see how he is when he’s the man.  Although I’d miss Pau Gasol, getting Howard will give the Lakers a physical presence in the paint.  As for L.O., consistency has always been a problem for Lamar.  Double-double one game, M.I.A. the next. Getting Chris Paul will finally give the Lakers a true point guard, one they haven’t had since Magic. I can see the Dwight Howard trade happening but not Chris Paul. Paul has made it obviosu that he wants to go to NY to play with Carmelo and Amare.  Paul is not an LA guy.  He’s East Coast. If the Lakers made this move, it would be the sickest every.  Better than the Shaq signing, better than the Pau Gasol. Anyway, Lakers better be good if they want Santa to give them title hopes for the next 5 years…

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Thanks for coming New York. The Celtics completed a sweep of Knicks today, waxing them in the Garden.  I’m a little disappointed in the way the Knicks finished this series.  Sure, you can blame it on injuries, but after losing by a couple points both times in Boston in games 1 & 2, I thought (I don’t know why) that they would at least get one game at home.  Instead, the Knickerbockers just rolled over and played dead. Again, I understand the woes of Amare and Chauncy, but I gotta be honest with you, there are some players on the Knicks squad that shouldn’t be in the NBA, let alone starting.  I’m happy NY made it to the playoffs, but they’re still a long way from becoming competitors. I’m also gonna need a little more from Carmelo.  He seems to be always smiling (ala Dwight Howard). Lead your team for Pete’s sake.  I feel like this guy lacks that certain “umphh” that the Kobes and Chris Pauls and Dwayne Wades possess.  Heck, the Celtics Big 4 all have that swagger that says wreaks of “I’ma kill you!”  Anyway, still a successful season for the Knicks.  Next year, they’re gonna have to improve and move on to the second round, let alone win 1 playoff game. They’re gonna need to sign some players.  Can’t win with Ronny Turiaf in your starting lineup. By the way, get rid of this guy while your at it (Spike Lee).

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Amare Stoudemire is gonna be a Knick, $99 million for 5 years.  Hmmmm, I hope they’re not overpaying for the soft big man who plays no defense and loves to shoot jumpers.  Let me not rain on his parade.  I like this move. It brings the team some much needed flash, pizzaz.  It gives them something to sell to Lebron or Wade or some other big free agent. But make not mistake, Amare alone is not enough.  They might, MIGHT make it to the playoffs with a Stoudemire on their roster but they still need a leader. Someone who’s gonna put fear in the opponent’s minds before the season starts.  Also, remember that Amare had Steve Nash in Phoenix.  I’m really interested to see what he does without a top point guard in Nash dropping dimes to him.  It will be a huge mistake if they can’t re-sign PF David Lee.  These two together would create havoc in the front court for any team. Imagine a Lee, Soudemire and Lebron and/or Wade trio.  WOW! Stoudemire can’t sign until Thursday but let’s hope that this isn’t the major move the Knicks have been planning for the past 5 years.

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Ron Artest: Welcome to SHOWTIME

This is not the reason why the Lakers signed Ron Artest in the offseason.  But it’s definitely the reason Ron Artest signed with the Lakers.  Talk about making a play.  Ron Artest hit the game winning shot tonight to put the Lakers up 3-2. The first time in a long time that I found myself jump out of my seat in excitement, kinda fell good. The Lakers had the game won, being up by 16 at one point but then let the lead trickle away in true LA fashion and it seemed like Phoenix had controlled the “mo.” Recognizing that Kobe Bryant’s 3-pointer was going to fall short, Artest muscled his way into the paint, grabbed the rebound, and with his own teammate D-Fish banging into him, put the game winner in… Phoenix, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I’ll give it to the Suns though, they played a hell of a game.  Big mistake by Coach Gentry not putting in Brook Lopez and Amare Stoudamire in the last play to box out for the boards. This was the game the Suns could’ve stolen, and frankly should’ve stolen.  Now, they have to go back to Phoenix and try to muster up some energy to win and then come back to LA. Not sure I’ve said this before, but Steve Nash is sick.  Props to D-Fish for dropping 22. Is it time to worry about Andrew Bynum’s knee yet? 2 points on 0-5 shooting in 19 minutes of play? Might be good enough to beat the Suns but we’re gonna have problems against those nasty Celtics.

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Hell Has Frozen Over…

Suns Knicks BasketballThat’s the only way I can explain the Phoenix Suns’ loss to the New York Knicks.  Not only did they lose, but David Lee took a shit (excuse my language) on Amare Stoudemire. Let’s compare starting lineups: Suns have Nash, Shaq, Amare, Grant Hill and J-Rich while the Knicks have Chris Duhon, Jared Jeffries, Q-Rich, David Lee and Wilson Chandler? Who? What? HUH?  Something is wrong in Phoenix, and I might be mistaken but it all goes back to the Shawn Marion for Shaq trade. The Suns traded quickness and defense for 1/2 court offense and a lot of catchy phrases.  Then D’Antoni leaves in the offseason for $$$ in NY and to top it off, they trade Raja Bell and Boris Diaw for J-Richardson. This team still has talent but they’re going nowhere, fast. I hate to say it but they need an escape goat, a shake-up. Sorry Terry Porter, but this team is underachieving, BIG TIME and it’s all your fault.  The longer it takes for this team to gel, the older they get.  With 3 of their starting five over the age of 34, the biological clock for this Suns’ team is ticking fast. If you don’t agree, I’d love to hear your reason why the Suns are sucking it up.  And PLEASE, don’t tell me the Knicks are good.

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Amare Stoudemire Drops 49 on Pacers

At what point do the Indiana Pacers decide to perhaps, I don’t know… DOUBLE TEAM Amare? After he drops 25? 35? 40? Poor Jeff Foster, who was posterized by Amare. I don’t know how the Pacers beat the Boston Celtics the other night, and frankly, I don’t how they score 38 points in the 1st quarter tonight. I do know that they had no answer for Amare, who had 49 points on 17-21 shooting, 11 rebounds, 6 assists, 5 steals and 2 blocks. What a stat line! Talk about a fantasy owner’s wet dream.  Amare has come a long way after having knee surgery in 2005.  I was the first to say that he was only a dunker, but boy, has he proved me wrong.  Not only can this guy fill up the stats ala Shawn Marion, but for a big man, he can hit his free throws too (15-15 tonight). If only his team can play some defense, they might actually go somewhere in the postseason instead of being the Minnesota Twins/Atlanta Braves of the league (for those of you who don’t get my obscure humor, it’s a metaphor for being a wast of a playoff spot).

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