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Yankees Bomb on Rangers

What else did the Texas Rangers want? A 3-run shot in the first inning by Josh Hamilton; tack on another 2 runs in the 4th and the Rangers knocked out C.C. Sabathia. Game over, right? WRONG, actually, it’s SEASON OVER for the Rangers.  This was the game they needed and they had all the pieces in place before their bullpen blew it. Don’t ever doubt greatness, as Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano showed who the Yanks really are.  Now the Rangers have the pressure on them for Game 2.  Remember, they haven’t won a home playoff game this postseason.  And if they’re counting on Cliff Lee to bail them out, they better think again unless Lee is pitching every game.

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p1bashbrothersgettywe4So, Alex Rodriguez was taking steroids…surprise, surprise. Long before a certain editor of a certain sport blog began expressing his opinions, he was telling his buddies that A-Fraud’s taking steroids. NO, NO they cried, not Alex Rodriguez, the golden boy, he’s clean, he worships his body, he’s not like the others. Alas, see how the tides have turned. I’m not shocked.  Frankly, look at how his body transformed.  He went from this scrawny little shortstop to this buff monster masher.  Do I care? Not really.  Who in baseball is clean?  And I don’t wanna hear what a great guy he is for coming clean.  it doesn’t count when he does it after he gets caught.  That’s like telling your wife your cheating after she catches you in bed with another woman. With that said, I do need to give props.  Not to Alex, but to the man who was telling the truth all along.  The guy who everyone laughed at and even exiled from baseball: (drumroll please) Mr. Bash Brother himself, Jose Canseco. Thanks for exposing these bitches…

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A moment of silent please… On Sunday night, the plug was pulled on Yankee Stadium. The last home game for the NY Yankees, a win by the way, before they play in their new stadium in 2009. Time to move across the street to the new and improved and modern Yankee Stadium. Yankee stadium, where the greats like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle roamed. Out with the old, in with the new. But don’t be sad, let’s look at the positive side; Maybe the new stadium will help A-Rod out with his playoff woes?  Maybe the new stadium will convince Jason Giambi to shave that porn-stache he’s growning?  Maybe the new stadium will return them to the playoffs? OR, maybe the new stadium will be a dud, and the “Yankee Mystique” will be gone forever? Only time will tell.  But for now, enjoy Yankee Stadium and what it has stood for for the past 85 years, the home of one of the most hated teams in all sports. Hated because they’ve been winning for so long, sure, but nonetheless hated. You will be missed old friend.  R.I.P.

P.S. Where the heck was George Steinbrenner?

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Mariano Rivera; $45,000,000 Reasons Not to Sign Him

I don’t hate the Yankees, nor do I hate what they stand for.  They are a big market team that spends money, no matter the amount, to improve the team.  I do have some problems with some of their offseason moves, particularly the signing of Mariano Ronthebuzzer.com mariano riveraivera. The closer just inked a 3 year, $45 million dollar contract.  If I’m not mistaken, this guy is past his prime and heading towards the closer graveyard.  I’m all for rewarding loyalty, if we’re talking about pets.  But baseball is a business, and while Mariano may be the greatest Yankee closer of all time, his numbers have certainly taken a hit.  He’s 37 years old, lost a couple of m.p.h. on his pitches and frankly, with a 3.15 era, I’m wondering what the Yankees were smoking at the time. Not that there were many options out there, but $45 mil., are they crazy? I know I’m gonna hear it from all the Yankee fans but geez. Look at his numbers from last year, a “contract” year.  They’ve all jumped in the wrong direction from the previous years, including era, saves, earned runs, innings pitched and hits.  I guess if you got the dough, better to blow it while you’re alive instead of taking it to the grave with you.  I wonder if for $45 million, can Mariano play a little 1B?

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The Electric Backslide

So Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees are playing nice again, and reports are that the two parties have been in negotiations the past few days. What the @$%*? I thought Hank Steinbrenner came out and blasted ARod in the press after he opted out of hisarod contract. Wasn’t ARod booed mercilessly in New York? Won’t he always be second fiddle to Derek Jeter? I guess money talks and bullshit runs a marathon. Reports have it that the Yankees are willing to pay ARod $275 million over ten years, however the catch is that they don’t want to deal with Scott Boras, ARod’s agent. Looks like Rodriguez might throw his agent under the bus to get the money he wants. This is the same agent that got Rodriguez his last record setting contract, and now how soon they forget. We always knew ARod was spineless, but show some loyalty man! It’s not all about the money. Did I just say that? Take a little less, go play for the Angels where you’ll be happy. We won’t boo you here when you fail in the playoffs, we’re just happy to be there. You won’t be second fiddle to anyone on the team, Vladimir Guerrero doesn’t speak English and doesn’t really speak for that matter. If ARod ends up back with the Yankees it will be pathetic on all counts. Steinbrenner threw him out with the dirty bath water and now he backslides and negotiates with him. Let’s just hope this is a p  loy to drive up the bids by other teams.

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Hip-Hip, Jorge! Hip-Hip, Jorge!

posada.jpgWell, at least one thing has gone right for the New York Yankees. Jorge Posada has agreed today to a $52.4 million, four year contract that keeps the catcher off the free agent market and in a Yankee uniform for at least 4 more years. With Torre and A-Rod moving on, Posada, who has been with the Yankees his entire career, and Rivera have become New York’s main focus. Unfortunately for the Yanks, they have yet to come to terms with Mariano Rivera. Rivera, an eight-time All-Star who turns 38 on Nov. 29, was in the Dominican Republic on Monday, and the closer said if he couldn’t reach a deal with New York, he would consider following manager Joe Torre to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is expected to receive a three year contract, but whether he accepts still remains to be seen.

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Let The Bids Roll In

onthebuzzer.com a-rodThe champagne was still flowing in the Red Sox clubhouse when Alex Rodriguez opted out of his Yankees contract. Everyone knew that A-Rod had ten days after the World Series to opt out of the remaining three years of his contract, but no one expected it to come this early. This on the heels of the Yankees preparing to offer him a five year extension worth $150 million. The Yankees have said repeatedly that if Rodriguez optedonthebuzzer.com dollar sign ring out, they would not pursue him on the free agent market. Now we have a chance to see if they stay true to their word. Not long after Rodriguez and his agent, Scott Boras filed, Hank Steinbrenner issued a statement saying that Rodriguez doesn’t appreciate the privelage of being a Yankee and that they basically don’t want him around. Sounds like fighting words to me. Now the list of suitors can line up for quite possibly the greatest player of our generation. The list should be a short one, with the Angels, Cubs, and the Red Sox believed to be the only ones that can afford him. This will be the greatest contract in the history of sports. Stay tuned.

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A-Rod, Torre… Now Rivera?

In what is shaping up to be one of the wildest shake ups in the history of the Yankees, a sure to be exciting off-season just keeps getting more interesting. Their closrivera-yanks.jpger since 1995 and sure to be Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera, will wait and see if Torre returns before making his decision on whether he will test the free agent market. His future with the Yankees could very well be linked with his managers. On Torre maybe not returning next season… “I don’t see why they’re even thinking it. But I wish he’s back, definitely. If you asked me what I want, I want him back.” Sounds to me like Cashman has his work cut out this summer. Oh, and by the way Yankee fans… like Rivera, Jorge Posada is also eligible to file for free agency after the World Series.

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Scott Boras Thinks …

arod.jpgLooks like A-Rod won’t be wearing a Yankee uniform next year after all. Scott Boras, Rodriguez’s agent, while not specifically stating Rodriguez would opt out with three years left on his 10-year, $252 million contract, suggested that becoming a free agent again would be his client’s smartest choice. Couple that with Brian Cashman’s statement of, “if he opts out, then he’s out”, and it looks like good old Alex will be playing somewhere else next year. Can someone say, the Big ‘A’ at the Big ‘A’? Sources close to Rodriguez say the Angels may be frontrunners… A-Rod and Vladimir? Too good to be true if your an Angels fan…

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Goodbye Yanks. Goodbye Torre?

What’s worse? Not making the playoffs for three straight years? Or making the Atorre.jpgLDS and getting knocked out for three consecutive years? Well, in Yankeeville, it’s the latter. Despite home runs by Cano, Rodriguez, and Abreau, the Yanks were eliminated by the Indians in 4 games and now comes a long winter of decision making for Streinbrennar and the gang. Will Joe Torre return? Where will A-Rod be playing next year? Stay tuned… New York’s off-season is definitely going to be more entertaining than their ALDS performance.

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