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p1bashbrothersgettywe4So, Alex Rodriguez was taking steroids…surprise, surprise. Long before a certain editor of a certain sport blog began expressing his opinions, he was telling his buddies that A-Fraud’s taking steroids. NO, NO they cried, not Alex Rodriguez, the golden boy, he’s clean, he worships his body, he’s not like the others. Alas, see how the tides have turned. I’m not shocked.  Frankly, look at how his body transformed.  He went from this scrawny little shortstop to this buff monster masher.  Do I care? Not really.  Who in baseball is clean?  And I don’t wanna hear what a great guy he is for coming clean.  it doesn’t count when he does it after he gets caught.  That’s like telling your wife your cheating after she catches you in bed with another woman. With that said, I do need to give props.  Not to Alex, but to the man who was telling the truth all along.  The guy who everyone laughed at and even exiled from baseball: (drumroll please) Mr. Bash Brother himself, Jose Canseco. Thanks for exposing these bitches…

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Sorry Bartman…

Bartman onthebuzzer.comJust when Steve Bartman thought he could get the monkey off his back, his beloved Chicago Cubs get swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks. I’m not blaming this loss on you buddy, nor am I blaming the last one when you stole the ball from Moses Alou. Quick recap: look at all the others reaching (photo to the left) – now look and see how Alou never had a chance. Back to my article and the series, I blame the Cubs, their curse, and their overpaid, choked out players that can’t put together a clutch hit. I’m sure the whacko Cub fanatics will find a way to blame you, but it’s not your fault. And if the Cubs successfully get A-Rod from the Yanks next year,steve bartman catch onthebuzzer don’t expect things to get better. A-Rod is Mr. Regular Season but has not stepped up in the post-season yet, including this year. The Yankees are about to be bounced out by the Cleveland Indians and their blue-collar team. I just wish that the Cubs would win only so the city could stop blaming this poor soul who has given his life, and probably some blood, for the Cubs. We got room for you in LA buddy, over here, people don’t care about sports past the 3 inning, 3rd quarter, or until teams make playoffs. We’ve forgiven Kobe for adultery, James Worthy for solicitation, and Todd Marinovich for his stint with the white horse. You don’t even have to change your team affiliation, fair weather fans are accepted in beautiful sunny California…

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Tell Jonathan Papelbon to stop pumping his fist its almost as classless as throwing at Vladimir Guerrero and knocking him out of the game.  Tell Manny Ramirez to not marvel at his homer and just trot the bases like he’s supposed to do.  fan interference at fenwayTell that STUPID fan DANNY VINIK to not interfere in the game, and those other morons that asked for his autograph. As for the Angels, Francisco Rodriguez is GARBAGE.  Every time he pitches, we (yes we Angel fans) start sweating.  Dominant, shmominant.  The Angels looked like scared little girls up there.  Without Vladimir, the team looks like a high school baseball squad.  Who the hell are these guys that Arty “Big Spender” Moreno and co. are putting together.  This is an embarrassment to all Angel fans and the Angel franchise.  I’d rather have Tim Salmon up to bat then 99% of the Angels.  They better get A-Rod next year, that’s all I’m saying.  F@#$!!!

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Cleveland Indians Swat Yankees in 11

Posada Disinfects RiveraAfter 11 grueling, gnat infested innings, the Cleveland Indians have protected their homefield advantage and now head to New York up 2-0. Both pitchers Fausto Carmona and Andy Pettite showed up big, with 1 earned run in 15 1/2 total innings between the 2 of them. But at the end, Travis PRONKEY Hafner proved to be too much for them.  The professional hitter deluxe came up to bat with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the 11 and…base hit single over the 2nd baseman’s head.  Thanks for coming bombers, enjoy the flight home.

By the way, I’m officially starting the Kenny Lofton for ALDS MVP campaign.

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Bond’s Calling the Kettle Black

Barry Bonds is allegedly disgruntled by the actions of Marc Ecko and his 756th homerun ball. In a PR stunt, Ecko has is collecting votes on the internet as to what he should do with the ball. “What he’s doing is stupid” said Bonds in an interview. Hmmmmm, as stupid as sticking a needle in your ass to save your career? As stupid as denying sticking a needle in your ass to save your career? I don’t think so. FYI: Nobody cares about your opinion. If you weren’t sooooo cheap, you could have purchased the ball yourself and stuck it up your ass, too. Instead, your criticizing someone for trying to capitalize on your homerun ball. By the way, your comments actually help Ecko. Enjoy the crown while it lasts (fits), A-Rod’s on 516 and only 32 yrs old.

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The man-crush of the week goes to Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, more commonly known as A-Rod. He’s got 48 home runs on the year and with 22 games remaining, he might knock on the door of 60. His 134 RBIs and 312 avg. make him the leading MVP candidate. By the end of his career, he will have easily dwarfed Bonds‘ home run record. Despite being booed by New Yorkers countless times this year, A-Rod has led not only his Yankees (that’s right, his Yankees) to the playoffs but he has also led many fantasy owners to the money. If A-Rod opts out of his contract next year, the Yankees and their fans will have plenty of time to boo the players that actually deserve that type of ribbing. Congrats A-Rod, we love you here on the west coast (I hear the Angels are looking for a third basemen).

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