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Hingis Rides The ‘White Horse!’

hingis.jpgIt’s not too often you’ll see a Tennis blog on our site, but any athlete who gets caught doing ‘blow’ deserves a mention. Martina Hingis, a five-time Grand Slam champion and former Wimbledon winner, is being accused by an ‘outsourced drug testing company” of being under the influence of cocaine during this years Wimbledon tournament. Hingis said the positive test, which could lead to a doping suspension of up to two years, led to her retirement because she dscarface.jpgoesn’t want to spend years fighting the case. She claims that the allegations are 100% false and while holding back tears, addressed the media with a written statement. The 27 year old Swiss has had a solid career, holding the number 1 spot numerous times. As for the allegations? I say she just admits to them. Whether she did it or not, doesn’t it sound impressive? Doing coke and still making it to the third round of one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments? I would if I could… just kidding mom.

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The Russian Tank

I guess the only way tennis gets in the news these days is if there is some controversy. The fourth ranked player in the world, Nikolay Davydenko, was fined $2000 for “lack of effort.” Davydenko lost to the 102nd ranked player in the world after double faulting twice in the game. Tanking has been a scandal in tennis for years now, especially in Europe. In the United States tennis seems to float under the radar so we don’t scrutinize it as much as we should, but European players have been accused of throwing matches for years now and it has become an epidemic with recent gambling allegations. Davydenko himself is under investigation for consorting with known gamblers. It seems that as long as it’s not a grand slam tournament, then some players are willing to take a little extra cash and throw a match or two. Even a young Andre Agassi back in the day was accused of not giving his best effort, to say the least, on a number of occasions. Tennis has gone the way of hockey here in the states, in that no one really pays attention to it anymore, but if I’m the WTA, I embrace this scandal and run with it. At least it keeps my sport in the news, and someone said there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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In The Company Of Greatness

We live in fortunate times as far as sports go. We get to watch history unfold before our eyes almost daily. Barry Bonds the new homerun king, insert asterisk if you must, Tiger Woods on his pace to shatter Jack Nicklaus’ record for majors, and quite possibly the most dominant of them all, Roger Federer. Quietly Federer is disposing of his opponents at a record setting pace, and before it’s all over, he will have set the record for most Grand Slam wins. Already with 11 Grand Slams under his belt, including 5 straight at Wimbledon, Federer is on his way to number 12 when he finishes the U.S. Open. His detractors might say that he has no true competition other than Rafael Nadal, who seems to only win on clay anyway. I think it’s more of a testament to Federer’s greatness, in that he is head and shoulders above everyone else. When you think about it Pete Sampras, the all time record holder with 14 Grand Slams, didn’t really have much competition either. He caught Ivan Lendl, Boris Becker, and Stefan Edberg on the tail end of their careers, and Andre Agassi didn’t pose a threat until the twilight of Sampras’ career. So let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride, because whether you like it or not, when all is said and done, Federer will be the best ever. Just ask Andy Roddick who was once again victimized the other night at the U.S. Open.

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