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Going, Going, GHANA!!!

What a choke job! Tell me you watched this game. World Cup knockout, elimination round, the entire continent of Africa on your shoulders and cough, cough.  This game was tied going into overtime.  First 15 minutes, no goal.  Second half of overtime, no score until the last minute when Ghana was awarded a penalty kick.  Up comes Asamoah Gyan and shanks it off the top bar. Game goes to a shootout and the captain of Ghana, non-nonchalantly places the ball, then takes 2 steps back and kicks it softer than a 3-year old. Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera barely has to move and just like that, Ghana is down a goal.  Uruguay makes an almost fatal error when Maxi Pereira sent the next kick 100 yards over the goalie (how do you miss by that much?) Didn’t matter though, because Uruguay choked again and the game was over. This was in Ghana’s hands. They had it.  All they had to do was close it out.  And now, instead of the final four, they’re headed home.  Good thing for them, it won’t be too long of a flight.  Tough break for Ghana.  They played a great game.  Too inexperienced for them.

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Brazile Serves Chile’

This was supposed to be the game of the game.  Brazil, Chile, two South American old school giants matched up against each other in the first round of the playoffs.  What we got instead was a 3-0 ass-whooping. This game wasn’t even as close as the score indicated.  It took about 34 minutes for the first goal to come in, but then they came in a flurry.  I don’t know how you can allow 2 goals in 4 minutes.  One thing I wanna stop seeing is players raising their hands when they think there’s an offsides.  This happened on a close play when Brazil scored. Instead of looking for a call, they should have been playing defense and not allowing players to walk into the goal.  Looks like Brazil advances to the next round.  Is it just me or does Brazil play at a completely different level than anyone else?  Nice to watch a game without any officiating controversy.

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What a HUGE MISTAKE!!! The 2010 World Cup is going to go down as one of the most infamous ones ever.  I’ve never seen so many refs blow so many calls.  Quick recap on today’s game: England goes down to Germany 2-1.  Late in the first half, England mid-fielder Frank Lampard seems to score against the Germans when he hit the cross-bar and ball bounced almost 3 feet past the goal line. Goal right? WRONG!!! Refs don’t see it, instead of a brand new game headed into the half, the Brits are devastated.  They shouldn’t have even come out in the second half.  I don’t want to hear anything about, “well, they lost by 3 goals so it doesn’t make a difference.”  As an athlete myself, you take away a goal that could’ve tied up the game, it changes EVERYTHING. You feel out of gas.  England would’ve come out with a completely different game plan in the second half. I’m not going to even get into the bad no-call in the Argentina-Mexico game because I wanted Mexico to lose.  But it’s just not fair to the players.  U.S. got burned a couple times by bad reffing.  FIFA hasn’t done shit because U.S. is too nice.  Now England.  Still, no comment. Let me tell you what it’s gonna take for FIFA to do something like implement instant replay: Brazil or Argentina need to get burned by a bad call; either that or one of these refs are gonna get shot. I’ll tell what else, the German goalkeeper needs to get fined for conning the refs. Throw in all the flops and the World Cup has turned into a freakin’ drama performance.  Win the game on its merits for pete’s sake…

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WORLD CUP: U.S. Saves Best for Last

From what looked like deja vu for the U.S. turned into an instant classic.  This game was a nail biter.  The U.S. had to win to advance, after England took an early 1-0 lead over Slovenia.  Clint Dempsey appeared to score off a rebound from Hercules Gomez’ shot but the referee decided to make another bonehead and controversial call, flagging Dempsey for offsides, no goal (more on that later). After multiple, and I mean multiple U.S. blown chances, it seemed like U.S. was going to tie Slovenia and head home early.  But then it happened.  3 1/2 minutes left in extra time, the U.S. counter-attached, four on two, shoot, block, Landon Donovan shoot, GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!! And were off into the next round against Ghana on Saturday.  That’s gonna be a tough game. Just want to make a note of a couple of points: (1) Slovenia seemed like they were content with a tie; didn’t someone tell them that they needed to win to advance; (2) ENOUGH OF THE HORRIBLE OFFICIATING.  How many controversial calls have been made this World Cup? I know at least 2 against the U.S. Give me a break.  We movin’ on to the next round!!!

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7-0, is that a football score or a futbol score?  Winning by 2 or 3 goals gives you some serious street cred but how about 7? Portugal laid it on North Korea today.  6 different players scored for Portugal.  Twice, they scored in a span of less than 7 minutes.  The first flurry came right after the half.  I wonder what their coach told them in the locker room.  Portugal fans can somewhat rest assure, as their leader Christiano Ronaldo scored the 6th goal on an ugly play by both teams. Far cry from the North Korea team that hung with Brazil, 2-1, in their last loss. Thanks for coming though.  Mega game coming up Friday, Brazil against Portugal.  Get ready for real soccer.  It’s been fun with the Ivory Coasts, Nigerians, Cameroons, and Honduras’.  Time to put the women and children to sleep.  Time to go get that World Cup.

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Thanks for coming Ivory Coast, you have one more consolation game before you get to go back across the mainland to your, say coast.  Over the years, I’ve noticed something about soccer that has disgusted me and frankly turned me off to the game. Flops.  I thought that once Vlade Divac of the Sacramento Kings retired, that would be the end of the flop.  Watching Brazil wax the Ivory Coast today was fun, expected but fun. Then with less than 5 minutes left, after the game had gotten a little chippy, Brazilian All-Star Kaka gave a little shoulder shove to the Ivory Coast’s Kader Keita.  You should’ve seen this guy go flying.  Now either Kaka has superhuman powers or Keita deserves and Emmy for his performance.  Of course, the referees who never see anything gave Kaka his 2nd yellow resulting in a red and ultimately, an ejection.  It doesn’t really matter for Brazil, as they are already advancing to the next round and their next game isn’t that important.  But imagine if it was? This bullshit call could’ve cost Brazil at a chance at the Cup.  I hate to harp on this but FIFA needs to implement some sort of INSTANT replay. Something to review the foul, especially if he’s gonna get ejected out of the game.  I leave it at that. Viva Brazil?!?!

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You gotta be kidding me?!?!  If this was Columbia or any other South American country, this referee would be 6 feet under by now.  What a travesty!!! After going down 2-0, the United States soccer team clawed back to tie the game in the 82nd minute.  Moments later,  it seemed like the U.S. had completed a comeback for the ages when Maurice Edu took a Landon Donovan kick and stuffed it into the net, only to hear referee Koman Coulibaly’s whistle.  No explanation, just no goal.  How could you make that call? At that time, with 4 minutes left in regulation?  This guy needs to be fired.  FIFA better look into this because this is an atrocity. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that this moron had money on the game.  In fact, I wouldn’t bet against it.  Luckily, all U.S. needs to do is beat Algeria and they advance.  But if this costs them the Cup, welcome to the top Mr. Coulibaly, public enemy #1.

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Whoopsie: United States Ties After Blunder by the Brits

What a lucky break for the U.S. A shot by midfielder Clint Depmsey trickled, and I mean TRICKLED past England’s goal keeper right before the first half.  The U.S. looked dead for the most part of the game. In fact, they looked like they’ve never been there before.  Their passes weren’t crisp and were off-target for the most part of the game.  I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed with the play of this squad.  Sure England is a strong team but c’mon.  The Brits have to be disappointed with a tie, especially after scoring just under 4 minutes into the game.  All Star Wayne Rooney and his cronies had many chances to take the lead but the U.S. goalie Tim Howard single handedly kept this game close until the U.S. tied it.  I’ll tell you one thing, a tie is fine for now but if the U.S. doesn’t fix adjust their defense, they’re gonna get killed. P.S. If anyone has seen Landon Donovan, tell him that the World Cup has begun already.

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I know I do! (Ok, that was weak) but I do have to admit that I’m pumped about the upcoming South Africa World Cup.  I know that US is not a favorite but the best of the best playing each other for possibly the greatest Title in all of sports.  Not only the Cup, but you also get bragging rights for 4 years. Soccer hooligans, loud simultaneous crowd chants, riots, tt all goes down on June 11, 2010.  The World Cup Schedule is already out and let me tell you something, it’s only running for 1 month. So whether your from the US, England, South Africa or almost any other nation in the World, you gotta have some emotional tie to one of the teams.  And if you don’t, check out the World Cup Odds. That’s the greatest thing about sports, if you don’t enjoy it, bet on it.  I guarantee you that it makes it more fun. Check out World Cup Picks, the odds are out at Doc’s Sports. I like England to take it all, my boy Wayne Rooney’s about to be a household name, if he isn’t already.

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