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First of all, I’m not claiming that I’m a hockey fan.  I don’t hate the sport, I actually dabbled in it a few years ago.  I must admit though, I don’t really follow. Not until I saw the highlights of Game 1 of the Nashville Predators and Detroit Redwings game that other night.  It wasn’t so much the score, as it was the bushleague behavior of Predator’s Shea Weber ramming Henrik Zetterberg’s head into the glass.  Then, to add insult to injury, the NHL fines Weber a whopping $2,500, as restricted by the collective bargaining agreement. Thankfully, hockey has its own way of laying down the law, as we saw with hockey bad-ass Todd Bertuzi. If you remember, Bertuzzi was that guy who sucker puncehd Steve Moore years ago and ended his career.  He was kicked out of hockey for a long time.  Kudos for Bertuzzi for getting his teammate’s back then and Kudos for Bertuzzi for doing it again tonight. Interesting series though, they outta lay out Weber a couple more times.

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Ask me how many times the Vancouver Canucks have been to the playoffs? 22.  Ask me how many times they’ve won the Stanly Cup? 0.  Does this mean that they’re a good team or a bad team? Depends on if you’re asking someone who lives inside or outside of Vancouver. They made it to the semifinals last year and lost to the champion Chicago Blackhawks; the third time they’ve failed to advance past the semis since 2003.  The question is, will they be able to overcome this hump? Led by the almighty Henrik Sedin and his league leading 112 points, on paper, the Canucks look solid.  Their goalie Roberto Luongo is in the top 5 in the league in wins. His goals against average and save percentage could use some help though. They just signed Dan Hamhuis to a 6-year, $27 million and Manny Malholtra to a 3-year, $7.5 million contract. I guess if it ain’t working, throw some MORE money at it. It worked for the New York Yankees, not so much for the Dallas Cowboys, though. You would think that with a 2010 salary of $62,935,000, the Canucks will have a better season this year.  Not that there’s much else to do in Vancouver, but I could think of 62 million ways of spending that cash, say a great night or two with a Vancouver escort service and an amazing night to remember? Ummmmm, yeah, I’ll take that over a Stanley Cup Championship.  Then again, I’m not a Canucks fan or much of an NHL fan; just a fan of a good time.  Opening night is October 9, 2010 at home against the L.A. Kings, I’m betting they start the season off with a win.  For the sake of the Canucks and their fans, I hope they end it with a win too.

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Redwings, Hockeytown, Stanley Cup; This Is Where It All Comes Together

HockeyJust when you thought that this was turning into a series, the Detroit Redwings head down to Pittsburgh in a crucial game 6 and end it. 3-2 was the final score. I don’t feel too sad for the Pittsburgh Penguins. They have arguably the future of the NHL in Sydney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin who is a perennial all-star. As for the Redwings, watching them hoist the Cup gives me willies. It’s gotta be one of the greatest feelings in the world, knowing for that moment, you are the best in your sports. You’ve accomplished what you’ve been shooting for your whole life… Amazing… Then next season shows up.

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Not So Fast…Back To The Crate You Go

PenguinsUmmm… last time I checked, you had to win 4 out of 7 games in the Stanley Cup Finals to be called the champs.  Everybody, including myself was ready to crown the Redwings after stealing Game 4 in Pittsburgh and going up 3-1.  Looks like the
  didn’t get the email.  What a game!!! 3 overtimes in an elimination game.  You can’t ask for anything more…well, maybe 4 overtimes would have been cooler. The loss would have sent the Penguins back a decade if they didn’t pull off the OT win, especially after going up 2-0 after the 1st period.  A tying score by Pittsburgh’s Max Talbot with 34.3 seconds left in the game…WOW, talk about letting one slip away. Now its back to Pittsburgh for game 6 and if the Penguins can force a game 7 in Detroit, all bets are off.

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Redwings Give Detroit A Reason To Smile


Less than 24 hours after the Detroit Pistons were eliminated from the playoffs by the Bostons Celtics, the Detroit Red W
went to Pittsburgh and stole game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, beating the Penguins 2-1.  It’s all but over for the Pens, as Detroit will look to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup on Monday as they host the Penguins for Game 5. The Penguins went up 1-0 in the first period but Detroit tied it up before the intermission.  The 2nd period was scoreless and Detroit went ahead early in the 3rd.  The Redwings just looked more experienced and calm on the ice. Not to say that the Penguins didn’t belong there, but there time will come;  just not this year. So for all of you living in the Motor City, keep your head up, at least there’s hockey.  As for the Pistons, this was probably their last chance as the window to the NBA Finals seems to be closing fast.

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