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arod_on_steroidsAlex Rodriguez had his big debut in New York Friday night at home against the Detroit Tigers. The good news: Yankees won. The bad news, they did it without any help from A-Rod, who struck out 3 times and was hitless on the night. It’s kinda sad now. Remember when A-Rod was teamed up with Ken Griffey in Seattle to form one of the greatest tandems in baseball history? I don’t. You know why, because I can’t stand this guy now. He’s so fake it’s disgusting. Even his own teammates can’t stand him. The Yankees should bench this guy (which they are actually doing on Saturday to “rest” him). They’re in the thick of a pennant race and at the age of 38, a HGH/steroid-less A-Rod is not helping them out. Let’s keep it real, the Yanks aren’t making the playoffs this year but until they are mathematically out, you gotta keep putting in the best line-up.

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Finally, 33 games and 139 at bats later… Albert Pujols, el hombre, tees off for a  2 run blast.  I’ve been waiting months for this.  Was Pujols older than 32? Was Pujols cycling of roids? Was Pujols just feeling the pressure of a $240 million contract?  So many unanswered questions, so many conspiracy theories.  I’m glad for the big guy.  The first one is always hard to get. But he still has a difficult road ahead him.  He needs to hit 30+ homers this season.  He needs raise his batting average from… gulp, .196. He needs to raise his slugging and on base percentages.  Draw a few more walks.  Take the Angels to the promised land (and I’m not just talking about the playoffs). But for now, let’s let Pujols and the Angels enjoy this.  I gotta feeling that he’s about to get back on track. By the way, nice gag by Tori Hunter and the fellas heading into the clubhouse while Pujols is rounding the bases.

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Cardinals Order Big Mac… with Juice?

mark mcgwireBrace yourselves folks, Mark McGwire is back in baseball.  After being caught on the juice and being shunned from society, ex-slugger Mark McGwire returns, not as a player but a hitting coach.  I wonder what his first tip is gonna be? I mean, this guy had been juicing ever since I can remember. Remember how buff he was as a part of the infamous bash brothers? Or that year when when he went head to head with Sammy Sosa for the home run record? I’ve been thinking this for a while and am going to come out and say, “Did you ever wonder if Albert Pujols was juicing?”  Now before I get crucified, think about it, can someone actually be that good of a hitter?  We all thought Alex Rodriguez was amazing and we all saw what happened. Look at Manny Ramirez, same shit, different toilet.  Maybe the Cards brought in McGwire to serve as an escape goat when the news breaks? Maybe I’m just a cynic who’s been burned by these players one too many times. I’ll say this, it gives McGwire that “second chance” we all deserve. I wonder how many steroid questions he’s gonna have to answer next year. He can start by answering this one “WHY?”

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Maybe Sosa Knows Something I Don’t Know?

sammy sosaNever before has a person gone from the penthouse to the outhouse so quickly.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Sameul Sosa, formerly of the Chicago Cubs.  Remember when this guy was going toe to toe with Mark McGuire for the home run title? I do, it was the biggest thing in sports, 1998 if I recall correctly. Everyone in America would watch every Cubs and Cardinals game.  That was an amazing summer for sports and MLB. What steroids? The thought never crossed anyone’s mind. Fastforward a few years later and Sammy’s testimony in front of Congress…”no habla ingles.” sammy sosaThat’s “I don’t speak English” for you layman. That’s when Sosa’s attorney, a.k.a. interpreter, told Congress that he never took, touched or even saw any steroids. Must’ve lost something in translation. Fastforward to last week, where Sammy was quoted in saying that he’s looking forward to being inducted into the Hall of Fame. ARGH? Fastforward to yesterday where it leaked out that Sosa was one of the 2003 steroid users.  Fastforward to sometime in the future when Sosa gets indicted for perjury. Fastforward a little more when the steroids wear off and Sosa looks like the black, sorry Dominican, Hulk Hogan.  And finally, I leave you with this image, a much older Sosa sitting by the phone, waiting for a call from the Hall that’s never gonna come. I’d like to say he got what he deserved, but he wasn’t deserving of the millions of dollars he made whil conning everyone in the world.

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Angels’ Pitcher Nick Aidenhart Killed at 22

r349544255This is the true definition of tragic. For those of you who don’t know Nick Aidenhart, he was a starting pitcher for the Angels. After struggling last year, the kid cracked the Angels’ 2009 starting rotation, pitched 6 scoreless innings on Wednesday against the Oakland As…father watching in the stands. That evening, him and his friends were struck by a drunk driver, 3 dead, 1 in intensive care.  Aidenhart was one of the top pitching prospects in the Angels’ organization. Only 22 years old, that’s right, 22 years old.  The person that ran the red light, well, suspected of drunk driving and arrested for felony hit and run. Hope he gets the damn electric chair… or better yet, just hang that c-sucker. Then you have jackoffs like NFL wide receiver Dante Stallworth driving drunk and killing an innocent civilian two weeks ago, pissing their lives away. Hope it was worth it Dante.  The difference between the victims, none.  The difference between the athletes, one who valued life in Adenhart vs. one who didn’t appreciate it Stallworth. The penalty for drunk driving should be some hard core jail time, if not death especially if harm is caused to others.  Maybe then people will learn that you can’t get away with drunk driving.  All you need is one slip-up to to ruin your life, the life of the person you hit, and the lives of everyone that knows you and the victim. Don’t endanger other people’s lives just because you don’t value your own. What a tragedy. Makes you take a moment and think…sometimes life’s not about winning or losing, money or fame, it’s just about living…R.I.P. Definitely too early for this kid, way too early.

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p1bashbrothersgettywe4So, Alex Rodriguez was taking steroids…surprise, surprise. Long before a certain editor of a certain sport blog began expressing his opinions, he was telling his buddies that A-Fraud’s taking steroids. NO, NO they cried, not Alex Rodriguez, the golden boy, he’s clean, he worships his body, he’s not like the others. Alas, see how the tides have turned. I’m not shocked.  Frankly, look at how his body transformed.  He went from this scrawny little shortstop to this buff monster masher.  Do I care? Not really.  Who in baseball is clean?  And I don’t wanna hear what a great guy he is for coming clean.  it doesn’t count when he does it after he gets caught.  That’s like telling your wife your cheating after she catches you in bed with another woman. With that said, I do need to give props.  Not to Alex, but to the man who was telling the truth all along.  The guy who everyone laughed at and even exiled from baseball: (drumroll please) Mr. Bash Brother himself, Jose Canseco. Thanks for exposing these bitches…

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Andruw Jones Draws First Walk As A Dodger

andruw_articleWell, technically, the Dodgers sent him on his way, (intentional walk?) and more technically, he ain’t no Dodger anymore. Good riddens… Probably going down as one of the biggest heists of all time, Andruw Jones’ Dodger career is over.  He signed a 2 year $36 million contract with LA in the winter of 2007.  1 season with the Dodgers, 3 home runs and 14 rbis in over 200 at bats. Oh yeah, that was worth it.  Now the Dodgers have to pay this crook $22 mill or so over the next 6 years.  Dodgers’ management, you gotta love ’em.  Between Darren Dreifort, Jason Schmidt, and Andrew Jones, can it get any worse?  Whoops, forgot about passing on Manuel Ramirez.  Good move.  Back to the cellar of the NL West. Damn it’s good to be home.

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The Dodgers are in First! The Dodgers are in First!!!

Just when you (by you I mean me) were ready to throw in the towel,  they come storming back and next thing you know (see title). Cy Young favorite Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks gets shelled AGAIN by the Dodgers, this time in a 7-2 loss at the Chavez Rivine.  I never thought I’d say this but the Dodgers are looking crisp, again.  Now that they got rid of the cancer in Jeff Kent, this team has gelled and put together a nice string of wins, 7 to be exact.  With Manny being Manny and Andre Ethier playing up to his potential, this team might have enough juice to be the Colorado Rockies of the 2007 World Series.  They’ll even suffer the same fate if they get that far, of course losing to my Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim. Can someone say, Freeway Traffic Jam World Series?  I have a suggestion: if both teams get to the World Series, they play rights to the city of “Los Angeles.”  Winner take all, loser leave town.

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Ken Griffey: 600 Reasons To Be A First-Ballot H.O.F.er

JrKen Griffey belted his 600th homerun on Monday in a victory over the Florida Marlins. No fancy nicknames (just Jr.), no steroids, no nothing, he’s sure to be a first ballot hall-of-famer. I remember when this guy was with the Seattle Mariners and A-rod, possibly the sickest 1-2 punch ever seen. Then when he left the Mariners, everyone wrote him off. Sure, he had a bunch of injury plagued seasons, but at the end of his career, smacking a clean 600 is not many (no offense Sosa and Bonds) can claim. If only we could get this guy a chance at the big one, the World Series. Unfortunately, the Reds don’t seem to be going anywhere and neither does Griff. At least he can end his career holding his head up. By the way, tell me this guy doesn’t have the prettiest swing you’ve ever seen?

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