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When you’re baby’s mama looks like this and you’re dating a girl lookin’ like this, does it matter how you’re performing on the field? Probably, ’cause I don’t think Rex Grossman’s getting this kind of tail. Tom Brady passed for 311 yds and 4 tds yesterday against the lowly Bills. With the combination of his on field AND off field success, this guy, without a doubt, deserves our Man-Crush award (didn’t think anyone cared for Brady photo).

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After being exiled from the league for two years with the Oakland Raiders, this guy is back and (not to sound to cliche’ like) badder than ever. He stepped up Sunday night against what most considered the leagues top defense with 2 tds and 105 yds. Comeback player of the year, sure if you want to insult him. Try league MVP (right now at least). We salute you too Randy Moss. As long as you don’t get those alligator arms back and keep hauling in the big yardage and tds.

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This week’s M-C of the week goes to Dallas QB Tony Romo. You’ve come a long way buddy and you deserve it. On Sunday against the NY Giants, Romo confirmed he’s the real thing and last year was no fluke. He threw for 345 yds, 4 tds and rushed for 11 yds a 1 td for at Big D against what some used to call a solid Giants defense. In a weak NFC East, the Cowboys are a shoe in for the playoffs and maybe more.

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The man-crush of the week goes to Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, more commonly known as A-Rod. He’s got 48 home runs on the year and with 22 games remaining, he might knock on the door of 60. His 134 RBIs and 312 avg. make him the leading MVP candidate. By the end of his career, he will have easily dwarfed Bonds‘ home run record. Despite being booed by New Yorkers countless times this year, A-Rod has led not only his Yankees (that’s right, his Yankees) to the playoffs but he has also led many fantasy owners to the money. If A-Rod opts out of his contract next year, the Yankees and their fans will have plenty of time to boo the players that actually deserve that type of ribbing. Congrats A-Rod, we love you here on the west coast (I hear the Angels are looking for a third basemen).

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And the award goes to… Thanks for dressing up for the occasion L.T. You been a fantasy owner’s wet dream for the past 3 years. Each year, millions dream of having the #1 pick of the draft, only to have to setle for the LJs, Steven Jacksons and Peytons of the world. The only team to pass up on you were the Falcons and can you really blame them. With a rich history of the “dirty bird,” T.J. Duckett, and Vick type P.R. you wouldn’t make it through preseason, if you played that is. 31 tds in a year, hah! Try a QB rating of 75.7 on for size. Congrats on the inaugural “MANCRUSH of the Week” award. Enjoy it, for you too will be replaced next week (unless you tear it up against the Bears in week 1 like we expect you to do.)

Finally, a moment of silence for the changing of the guard. From the old to the new, the B.L.T. to the REAL L.T. We salute you Lawrence Taylor and that awesome earring for setting the precedence for those initials. Rest assure that your legacy will live on [insert bagpipes here]. You’re still our favorite L.T. from New York.

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