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This is what sports is all about.  Winning the Masters, celebrating with your wife who was diagnosed with cancer. What a feel good moment for Mickelson, his wife, his family, his friends, and all golf and non-golf fans everywhere. Don’t want to taint this blog with the T-word but Mr. Woods had this before he pissed it away. Congratulations Lefty!

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Tiger Woods: 8 Strokes Behind the Lead

Let me say this: I am not a golf fan. I’m not hating on the sport.  It’s actually a very tough game to play.  I’ve attempted to play it many times and have failed miserably. In fact, I don’t even mind playing it, if that’s what you wanna call it.  I’m what you call your average viewer. I know Tiger is great.  I know Phil Mickelson is great but chokes sometimes.  Some other names ring some bells, like Sergio Garcia and and Freddy Couples, but that’s it.  Tiger returned to the game after his highly publicized sex scandal.  He’s actually doing alright after not playing for I think about 150 days.  Must be a relief for him to get out of his house and just focus on golf for a few hours. If I was him, I would invite all the players over to my pad afterwords to calm the storm waiting for him at home. Imagine what a story line it would be if this guy actually pulled off the win?  Talk about a dream return. And for all you guys in the the doghouse with the ladies or feelin’ it at work, sports is the ultimate getaway, timeout that gives you a couple hours of break from the shits that are going on in your life.

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What a press conference! Tiger Woods tried to set the record straight today by speaking for the first time in public.  Talk about being in the doghouse.  You though it was bad for Kobe Bryant, this guy is going to pay for the rest of his life, financially and emotionally.  I feel bad for his wife.  Not sure how these two are every gonna knock the boots after this. Did everyone notice how his mom who was at the press conference seemed disgusted of her son? How about the fact that his wife Elin wasn’t there?  No doubt that while this was a first step for Tiger, this scandal is far from over and it WILL follow him the rest of his life. As for the script he read today, let’s hope this guy never goes into acting.  His people should have told him to mix-in some tears instead of pausing and looking up every minute. Talk about a humbling experience…

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Woods Annoyed!

woods-sabatini.jpgSo here’s the story: In May of this year, Rory Sabbatini claimed Tiger Woods was “more beatable than ever.” Why someone who has barely accomplished anything in his life would say that about someone who has accomplished more than anyone in the history of the game is beyond me. Fare to say that comment would annoy Tiger. Fast forward to the Target World Challenge, where Tiger is the tournament host. After shooting his way into last place, Sabbatini decides skip the last round, claiming he has shin splints. What a coincidence! You sure you don’t just suck! He takes his check for $170,000, 28 shots behind Tiger, and heads for Hawaii! Where he “vacations every year for Christmas”. What a loser and a quitter! First time in the nine year history of the event that something like this has happened. In a move that had many players shaking their heads, Tiger had this to say, “I’ve heard he had shin splints. I heard he pulled out for personal reason. He packed his locker up at 3 o’clock yesterday, I think headed to Hawaii. A lot of different things going on. And I’d like to try and get to the bottom of it when I’m done here, and we’ll see what happens.” Woods went on to win the event, while Sabbatini took all the headlines… Well done. Merry Christmas buddy.

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Americans Win Prez Cup.

prescup1.jpgThe Americans won enough of the singles matches Sunday to capture the Presidents Cup for the second straight time. By winning, Tiger Woods and the U.S. improve their record over the Internationals to 5-1-1. But Tiger didn’t win his individual battle with Mike Weir. The Masters winner four years ago beat Tiger in the final two holes and gave his Canadian fans something to cheer about. Weir later said he wasn’t sure which was more of an accomplishment, beating Tiger individually or winning the Masters… You know what I’m not sure of? Why in the world I even wrote about the President’s Cup!

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Tiger Wins Again, Ho Hum…

This is bad news for all the golfers in the world when Tiger Woods wins The FedEx Cup, and he didn’t even care about the tournament. We all know that The FedEx Cup isn’t a major, and Tiger and Phil Mickleson didn’t really want to play. At the end of the day however, Tiger’s pride and his bank account got the best of him. Because he wasn’t going to play in a tournament and not dominate, and he is $10 million dollars richer for it. How close was the competition you ask? Let’s just say Tiger could have stayed at home on Sunday and watched some football and still won the tournament. Looking back, it was everyone else that should have stayed at home. The world’s greatest golfer, and the dare I say, the greatest golfer of all time, proved just how much better than everyone else he is.

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Tiger is second best

Tiger comes up just short at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Beantown today, losing to Phil Mickelson. ‘Lefty’ got off to a good start on the front nine and had enough on the back to hold off the greatest golfer of all time. (That’s right, I said all time!). No choking for Phillip today, but does this mean he is ready to take on Tiger head-to-head? For the first time in 18 months, they matched up and Mickelson came out ahead. Don’t know about you guys, but I’m putting my money on Tiger the next time these guys go heads up. One couldn’t help feel sorry for Tiger today. He didn’t make enough clutch putts to put enough pressure on Phil and we all know Phil handles pressure like Lindsay Lohan handles a bottle of booze. Then again, Tiger plays golf for a living, flies charter, and makes a $100 million a year. Screw him. I feel sorry for myself…..

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Tiger Chimes In

It seems that Tiger Woods has a pulse off the golf course. Sort of. Tiger weighed in on America’s favorite topic of late, Michael Vick and dogfighting. When asked what Woods thought of Vick and his apology, Tiger, bland as always said “that if you made that big of a mistake, you got to come out and be contrite.” Okay, so Vick needs to be sincere, we got that part. I’m just shocked that Tiger even agreed to answer such a hot topic question. He didn’t really give an opinion either way on the matter, and admitted that he wasn’t “very good at this.” What happens to an athlete when they transcend the sport they play in? Some of the biggest sports stars of our generation, are also the most boring, vanilla characters off the field. Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, the list is endless. I’ve seen soccer moms with more fire than some of these athletes. Are all these superstars that afraid of losing endorsements that they will stay away from anything that is remotely controversial. Will we stop cheering for Tom Brady if we find out he is a Republican? No one loved Micheal Jordan any less when they found out his shoes were made by 8 year old children in third world countries. I would like my athletes to have a mind of their own and put an intelligent, coherent sentence together once in a while. I’m not asking them to split the atom, but weigh in on topics that are relevent. Charles Barkley was wrong, and athletes are role models for children, and our children need to be able to do more than put a ball through a hoop. I’m not talking about making it rain in a strip club, but show that you have some balls and speak your mind. We won’t love you any less as long as you keep on putting up big numbers. When that stops, then you have a real problem. So congrats to Tiger for attempting to show he has a pulse, but I still don’t know Tiger, are you pro or anti dogfighting?

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