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Believe it or not bingo is a game that can be adapted for just about any purpose. Most of us are familiar with the home version of the game we played as kids. Believe it or not the game has been adapted for some adult purposes. Sports fans can find free printable bingo cards online that contain several ‘prop bet’ items. For those that don’t know, a prop (or proposition) bet is an exotic or side bet. Examples could include betting on which team scores first in a game, which player will score the most points, which team will score first and many other sports prop bets. In 2009, one enterprising sports fan created an NBA Finals bingo card with some very interesting and amusing prop bets like “Rashard Lewis speaks” and “Dwight Howard goaltends a shot that had no chance to go in.”

Anyone can easily create their own sports bingo game. This year’s baseball season should provide plenty of fodder for enterprising baseball fans. The NBA playoffs should also provide plenty of material for sports fans during the playoffs. Most people design these games to be played by several people while watching a game or sporting event. The recent Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia would have provided plenty of material to Tiger Woods fans. The game stakes could be just about anything. Players could win money, take a drink when they mark a square, the possibilities are endless.

May 14, 2012 - Posted by | NFL FOOTBALL

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