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Finally, 33 games and 139 at bats later… Albert Pujols, el hombre, tees off for a  2 run blast.  I’ve been waiting months for this.  Was Pujols older than 32? Was Pujols cycling of roids? Was Pujols just feeling the pressure of a $240 million contract?  So many unanswered questions, so many conspiracy theories.  I’m glad for the big guy.  The first one is always hard to get. But he still has a difficult road ahead him.  He needs to hit 30+ homers this season.  He needs raise his batting average from… gulp, .196. He needs to raise his slugging and on base percentages.  Draw a few more walks.  Take the Angels to the promised land (and I’m not just talking about the playoffs). But for now, let’s let Pujols and the Angels enjoy this.  I gotta feeling that he’s about to get back on track. By the way, nice gag by Tori Hunter and the fellas heading into the clubhouse while Pujols is rounding the bases.

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