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Derrick Rose tore his ACL with just over 1 minute left in Game 1 of their series with the Philadelphia Sixers.  At the time Rose went down, the Bulls had the ball and were up by a dozen.  There was probably a 97% chance that they were going to win that game.  Rose has been injured all year, so I ask myself, “Why wouldn’t coach Thibodeau pull him out?” I know, I’m Monday morning quarterbacking right now, but still  The Bulls just went from favorites to win the Championship to a 1st or 2nd round out.  Let’s not blame the Bulls coaching staff entirely.  I believe the league has to share about 50% of this as well. Had it not been for the lockout, the cramming of all these games in a shortened season, this would’ve never happened.  No preseason, no camp, multiple back to back to back games.  I mean, this is ridiculous.  Same thing happened to Dwight Howard, Al Horford (although he is injury prone), and now Iman Shumpert of the Knicks. Looks like Chicago’s gonna have to wait another year.  Take it from this blogger who has torn his ACL in each knee (the most recent 2 yeas ago), it ain’t fun, and rehab’s no walk in the park either.  But I’m guessing with the money they have invested in Rose, along with the state of the art facilities and medical staff, Rose should be ready to go by November. As for the playoffs, looks like the Heat are gonna coast to the finals.

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