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With The First Pick, the Indianapolis Colts Take…

That’s right, folks, the Colts are officially on the clock. Although, they don’t need to look further than Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Don’t get me wrong, I love Peyton Manning. Drafting Luck is no disrespect to Manning. Manning is 35 years old. He will be 36 before the 2012 season begins. At best, he has 3 PRIME years remaining, and that’s if he is fully recovered from his neck injury. I have no problems with Luck sitting on the bench for a couple of years and taking notes form the best quarterback to ever play the game. Aaron Rogers watched Brett Favre. Carson Palmer watched Jon Kitna. Tom Brady watched Drew Bledsoe. The list goes on. Throwing a rookie quarterback into the fire has proven to be a mistake. Look at all the past qbs that have been disappointments: Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Akili Sith, Cade McCown. This past year has been an anomaly. The successes of Ponder, Dalton and Super Cam is something I’ve never seen. Nevertheless, you’re going to hear a lot of jibberish about the Colts taking Luck. They shouldn’t taken Robert Griffin. They shouldn’t draft a running back. They shouldn’t draft defense. They shouldn’t trade their pick. Draft the kid, let him sit for a couple of years. Luckily for us, we still have a month of playoffs, upsets, and the Superbowl coming up.  If you’re team is still in the hunt, don’t watch them from your couch.  Take you son, your buddy, your wife, or just go yourself and support them live.

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