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Carlos Guillen is a Piece of Crap

Who does Carlos Guillen and his part-time, 2 home runs ass think he is? The nerve of him showing up anyone, let alone 14 game winner Jered Weaver.  Guillen hasn’t accomplished anything in his career in the majors. He’s never been in a big game in his life.  It took Guillen almost 1/2 a minute to round the bases. Weaver should’ve charged Guillen before he rounded 2nd base.  Weaver throwing at the next player’s head was exactly what 99% of pitchers would have done.  Anyone that says otherwise either doesn’t understand the game or has been out of it for too long (yeah you Curt Schilling).  It’s too bad that Weaver and Guillen didn’t see each other once more time that evening. I pray that the Angels see the Tigers in the post-season because I’d love to see Weaver nail Guillen in his 35 year old gut.  Weaver is the ultimate gamer and Guillen, well, he’s a has been that never was.

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