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Not All Quarterbacks are Smart

As long as you’re not playing for us. Exhibit A: Chad Pennington.  It seems that missing all but 2 snaps of the 2009-2010 season wasn’t good enough for the injury prone Pennington.  Instead of working on his shoulder injury that sidelined him last year, Chad decided to play some pickup basketball and tear his ACL. And now, if there is an NFL season this year, he will not be a part of it. Pennington has been a victim of the hype machine for most of his career.  I never thought he was as good as most people thought.  He has an average arm, average speed and hasn’t done much other than take his team to the second round of the playoffs.  Now don’t feel bad for this kid, we all know he signed a $64 million deal with the Jets back in 2004 and another $ll.5 million deal with the Dolphins in 2008. So as long as he put something away for a rainy day, Pennington will be just fine.  I’m guessing he’ll pop up as an analyst on one of these pre/post game shows.  As for all of you Chad lovers, I don’t wanna hear it.  There’s a reason why the Jets released him and didn’t care if he went to division rival Dolphins.  This NFL strike might have come just in time for Pennington.  He might heal up and trick some other team into throwing millions at him, one last time.

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