The TRUTH about Sports


So it looks like the BYU Cougars’ leading rebounder has been kicked off the team for… get this.. having sex with his girlfriend? Huh?  It seems that he violated the school’s honor code. This led me to do some research and find out what this code is about, what these students sign up for when they go to BYU. Well, here are the requirements:

  1. no drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea
  2. honesty
  3. NO SEX
  4. don’t break the law
  5. no cussing
  6. respect others
  7. go to church
  8. dressing and grooming standards
  9. no guns on campus

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I violate almost each one of these every day. Why would you ever sign up for this?  Now this kid, who was having consensual sex with his girlfriend, is done for the season, and his team is done for the tournament.  No way Jimmer is gonna take the Cougars deep into the dance without Brandon Davies.  Are you telling me that no one in that school is having sex? drinking boos? smoking a J? cursing? C’mon.  In a world where people are rioting to get rid of their dictators and jump into the 21st Century, BYU is taking steps back into the ice ages.  What ever happened to student-athletes getting superstar treatment? I thought there were above the law. Oh well, in a few weeks, the Cougars will be home watching the Final Four, but at least they’ll be well dressed and groomed.

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