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Well, it’s finally over.  All the entourages in Los Angeles can now leave the streets of downtown LA, the strets surrounding Staples Center, Figueroa, Pico, 9th.  Thanks for coming.  When I was growing up, the NBA All-Star weekend was awesome.  Dunk contests involved the best of the best; Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Michael Jordan.  As the years passed by, the talent pool started dwindling.  You began to have one or two stars and a bunch of no-name scrubs.  Was there any doubt Blake Griffin was going to come out with this weekend’s crown?  Sure he jumped over the hood of a car, but is it that big of a deal? Most of the dunks were a little bland: 360, elbow in rim ala Vince Carter, taking off from the freethrow line… How many times have we seen that?  The problem for these participants is that there’s only so many variations you can do before you start repeating.  And what happened to Lebron James participating this year?

As for the All-Star game, it is what it is. Did anyone think that Kobe Bryant wasn’t gonna come out and take 26 shots and try to win the MVP on his home court?  He played well, no doubt, but you might be seeing the last All-Star MVP he wins.  With the likes of Durant, Lebron and D-Rose, Kobe is an old man in a young man’s game. And for all those that want the All-Star game to mean something like homecourt advantage in the finals, I have one comment for you… BAD IDEA.  MLB does it, and it’s simply not fair.  These teams bust their asses all year to have the best record and to “earn” homecourt.  The last thing you want is putting it all on the line in some exhibition game. I will say one thing though, the players need to give a little more effort, maybe play some defense.  A combined score of 291 is ridiculous.

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