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Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been hating on DeSean Jackson since he was playing in Cal.  He’s the epitomy of the modern day athlete: talented, cocky, and a shit-talker. But as I was surfing the web today, I came across a different DeSean Jackson.  One who put his stardom and fame to good use.  It seems that a 13 year old kid got beat up by a group of 7 teenagers.  How “tough” of those 7 kids to pick on 1 guy.  The state of our society and our children these days is freakin’ pathetic.  Anyway, the victim and his family showed up on the television shows “The View” recently.  It appears that the kid was a Philadelphia Eagles fan and guess who surprises the kid towards the end of the interview? That’s right folks, you’re favorite villain Eagles’ WR Desean Jackson along win linemane Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson.  Now I’m sure that there’s gonna be some of you out there that are gonna say that it’s just a publicity stunt.  But who cares! To that kid, these athletes not only made his day, but his life and the kid’s tears say it all.  Kudos to Jackson and his teammates and any other stars out there that take time out of their busy lives to help out the “little” people. I’m taking Jackson off my shit-list, putting him right on top of my “much love” list. These athletes are more powerful than they know it. It goes beyond money, cars and women… It’s reaching to the youth that makes them worth every penny of their multi-million dollar contracts.

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