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What’s Wrong with Peyton Manning?

Ok folks, I’m officially concerned.  Peyton Manning threw 4 picks yesterday in huge loss to the Dallas Cowboys, at HOME! Peyton look nervous during the game and did have that “air” of confidence.  I have a bad feeling that they’re not going to make the playoffs which would be a shame.  Who wants to see the Jaguars win the conference (outside of Jacksonville-ians)? I think I know what’s wrong with Manning. First, they have no running game. Their lead rusher is a guy named Javarris James with a whopping 6 carries for 18 yards.  Donald Brown and Mike Hart and assy.  Defenses are not respecting the play-action pass and we all know how easy it is to defend a one-dimensional team. The second problem are their receivers.  Peyton’s favorite target Dallas Clark is out for the season.  HUGE! I know he’s just a tight end but most TE’s are a quarterback’s safety blanket.  Manning and his receivers don’t look like they’re on the same page.  Outside of Reggie Wayne, they have no receivers that can kill anyone.  And I don’t wanna hear about Pierre Carcon and Blair White. My last point I wanna make is 34.  Maybe Peyton’s getting old? Maybe his passes are 1 second too late? I don’t wanna jump the gun here but if they don’t make the playoffs, do you draft a quarterback in the first round to prep him in 3-4 years? Forget it, let’s not even talk about it.  The Colts face the Titans 2x, the Jaguars at home, and the Raiders. If they run the table, they sneak into the playoffs.  Don’t count out Manning yet.

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