The TRUTH about Sports


Lebron James is bringing his Miami Heat to Cleveland to put one on the Cavs today.  The game will go as follows: the Cavs will come out pumped; Mo Williams will hit a couple of threes, Anderson Varejao will dive for a ball and take a charge on bron bron and the Cavs will go up by a dozen in the first quarter. The Heat will then come back in the 2nd quarter and the game will stay close until the fourth when the Wade (not Lebron) will take over and bury the Cavs.

Now, back to the plot, Clevelanders have to stop pouting.  The city sucks, the team sucked, do you blame the King for going to Miami to play with his boys? Do you know how much tang he’s gotten and going to get in Miami? If owner Dan Gilbert was hurt so much, he shouldn’t have done a sign and trade.  I hope Lebron drops 40 on his old team.  I hope all those morons  (fans) that appeared on ESPN and said we hate Lebron don’t have a hard time prying their feet out of their mouths.  The NBA IS A BUSINESS.  THE PLAYERS ARE BUSINESSMEN.  MONEY FIRST, CHAMPIONSHIPS SECOND.  Don’t ever forget that.  Don’t take it personally.  Lebron doesn’t give 2 shits about you so GET OVER IT!!! Remember, he is the CHOSEN 1.

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