The TRUTH about Sports


So I’m sitting here and watching the Indy v. Bengals game with my 6 day old son Leo. That’s right, 6 day old.  Born on 11/8/10, at 7:52 a.m., this 8 lb bundle has brought me nothing but joy.  I’m not a Colts fan, not sure if he’ll be one…ever, or if he’ll even like football, or…gulp….sports.  But I am a Peyton Manning fan, a player that is the true definition of sportsmanship, class, and drive. I’m guessing that my son and I will be spending a lot of time with each other over the remainder of my lifetime (or at least I hope).  Words can’t explain the pleasure this baby has brought me over the last 6 days.  It makes all the sleepless nights (past and future) and dirty (and do I mean DIRTY) diapers worth it.  I don’t want to get emotional, but sometimes when you’re this happy, there’s nothing better than sharing it with the world. Who knows, maybe we’re looking at the next Manning (as long as its not Cooper…)

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