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Quick, name me 5 San Francisco Giants’ starters (position players only)!!! Let’s see, Barry Bonds, J.T. Snow, Benito Santiago… ummmm… that guy that batted after Barry Bonds that always looked angry, and oh yeah, Jeff Kent. Just kidding, this group of Giants is a far cry from those that I cheered against in the 2002 World Series. These guys are actually likeable. How can you hate Tim Lincecum, he’s like Jeff Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Feel good story for Edgar Rentaria. I’m glad that Pat Burrell’s batting woes continued. Does that guy ever smile? It’s safe to say that Burrell didn’t contribute AT ALL to this Championship. He struck out 3 more times today, which gives him 11 strikeouts in 13 at bats. That’s gotta be a record. Don’t ever say pitching doesn’t win Championships. I don’t know how the Braves didn’t win more in the 90s with the Maddox/Glavine/Smoltz combo but with the Lincecum/Cain/Bumgardner combo, these kids should be back to the playoffs next year and date I say, repeat? Congrats to the Giants, the City and since I live in Cali, congrats to the state. Too bad for Cliff Lee, he went from ALDS hero to the goat, earning to losses in the series. I guess that’s what happens when you go up against the arguably the best pitcher in the Majors. I’m sure Lee’s heading to the Yankees next year, which should bring the Rangers back down to earth. Listen, as long as the Red Sox lose, I can sleep at night.

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