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Do Yourself A Favor: Watch Pre-Season Games

Today’s lesson for NFL fans is pure and simple – do yourself a favor and watch the pre-season games. Not because there’s really nothing better to do, but because if you like football betting, there IS nothing better you could possibly do. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

This week, you’re going to hear a lot about how meaningless the final NFL pre-season game is for everyone involved. Maybe this is the kind of game they want to cut out of the schedule, if and when they expand to an 18-game slate. I’ve got friends who have been associated with the NFL who could care less about betting on the NFL who positively scoff at the idea of watching any pre-season games at all. This is understandable from their perspective, I guess, nothing counts in the league standings until the regular season starts.

Call me crazy, but I find myself glued to the television when some of these pre-season games are on, and that’s why I think it is such a great service that the NFL Network televises replays of all the exhibition contests without fail.

Not only do these games get me in more of a mood for football, but I think they also serve a purpose as far as NFL is concerned. Let me explain: I used to think the pre-season games were rather benign exercises where the players simply went through the motions and loosened themselves up while waiting for the regular season to begin. While I admit this is true of many of the front-line starters on a team, by the same token those starters also have their playing time limited for the most part. The announcers are right when they say that the pre-season games are like the Super Bowl for many of the players, because this is their opportunity to demonstrate that they can play in the NFL, working against the odds in many cases. It is simple enough for any NFL bettor to grasp that there are a lot of starting positions that are up for grabs on a ballclub, and the decisions as to who is going to start the games in the regular season are made based on performance in these pre-season games.

So what you’re going to see – indeed, what you have seen so far – is a level of intensity from some of the young players, who in this age of salary cap-consciousness may wind up playing key roles during the regular season. What you also get a chance to do in the pre-season is see all the quarterbacks. In fact, the quarterbacks who do NOT start are the ones who will invariably get most of the playing time. This, of course, is for a reason; more often than not because a team has to make a decision as to who to keep and who to let go. At some point during the 16-game season, many teams are going to have to turn to a second-stringer at quarterback, or at some other skill position, due to an injury, and it would sure help you in your NFL to know a little bit about the substitute.

August 31, 2010 - Posted by | NFL

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