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Ummmm… Except win back to back Championships. So it’s official, Shaq has signed with the Boston Celtics.  The same guy who promised a “ring for the king” in Cleveland has fled for another opportunity, this time in the city of Boston. Shaq is on the downfall of his career, but he did put up solid numbers last year. As much as I can’t stand Shaq, I actually like this pickup for the Celtis.  With the uncertainty of Kendrick Perkins, the C’s need someone to clog up the middle. We all know the main reason for the Cs finals’ loss was the Lakers size.  Now they just need to avoid injuries to their overaged roster. Fortunately for us Laker fans, the Celtics need to get through the mighty three-headed monster that awaits them in Miami.  And frankly, we all know that if Lebron wanted to, he could have beat the Celtics himself in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals.  Now he’s go the help of Wade and Bosh and I can’t see anyone beating them in the East. As for the West, the Lakers are still the best and they’ve gotten better.  With the Jazz losing Boozer and the Suns losing Stoudamire, the only team that could give them a little headache is the Spurs. Denver is not mentally there and the Mavs just aren’t tough enough. Can’t wait for basketball season to start though; less than 3 months to tipoff.

August 9, 2010 - Posted by | NBA BASKETBALL

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