The TRUTH about Sports


I”ve had mixed feelings about this scandal.  On the one hand, we all knew something fishy was going on with O.J. Mayo.  We knew Mayo was going to play for SC for 1 year to showcase his talent and then take off.  We knew this before he even signed with SC. So I think the punishment that USC got, 1 year Big Dance ban was well deserved.  I don’t think that they should’ve punished the team after Mayo left.  Moving on to Reggie Bush, all Bush had to do is pay back the $300,000 he owed to this f-ing agent that loaned him all that cash and put up his family in a fat house in San Diego.  I have no doubt that SC was aware of this.  But the fact that Bush delayed in settling the case and still to this day admits no wrongdoing makes me sick.  SC got was it deserved with respect to the punishments, but the present athletes are getting burned.  The NCAA and the NFL/NBA need to come to some sort of disciplining agreement.  These athletes are banging their schools and leaving for the pros and signing million dollar contracts before they get caught and the school and students are left burning in the aftermath. Now this type of “cheating” happens everywhere.  Make no mistake that almost every big time college program in this country has some sort of down low shit like this going on.  The problem with SC was that they didn’t nip it in the bud. They let it get too big.  They made a laughing stock out of the NCAA, especially with their “above the law” attitude. For nearly a decade, SC was on top of the world.  Now, SC is begging for only a 1 year bowl ban instead of 2 and only 15 scholarships revoked instead of 30.  It’s going to take at least 5 years for USC to recover from the effects of these sanctions. Looks like everyone’s favorite coach Pete Carroll escaped at the right time.  He was a great coach, but I guarantee that this guy knew what was going on. Now I have to trash my Reggie Bush jersey.  One piece of advice for Bush, no one gives a shit about your opinion, if you’re not going to come clean, shut your mouth. Most overrated/overhyped college recruit in years. AARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Better not show your face on campus.

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