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Thanks for coming Ivory Coast, you have one more consolation game before you get to go back across the mainland to your, say coast.  Over the years, I’ve noticed something about soccer that has disgusted me and frankly turned me off to the game. Flops.  I thought that once Vlade Divac of the Sacramento Kings retired, that would be the end of the flop.  Watching Brazil wax the Ivory Coast today was fun, expected but fun. Then with less than 5 minutes left, after the game had gotten a little chippy, Brazilian All-Star Kaka gave a little shoulder shove to the Ivory Coast’s Kader Keita.  You should’ve seen this guy go flying.  Now either Kaka has superhuman powers or Keita deserves and Emmy for his performance.  Of course, the referees who never see anything gave Kaka his 2nd yellow resulting in a red and ultimately, an ejection.  It doesn’t really matter for Brazil, as they are already advancing to the next round and their next game isn’t that important.  But imagine if it was? This bullshit call could’ve cost Brazil at a chance at the Cup.  I hate to harp on this but FIFA needs to implement some sort of INSTANT replay. Something to review the foul, especially if he’s gonna get ejected out of the game.  I leave it at that. Viva Brazil?!?!

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  1. It was sad that the skipper had to be sent off. The truth for the matter is that he certainly did not give that Ivorian the elbow. They replayed it a lot of times. Though Brazil won, as expected, don’t you perhaps have something to say about Fabiano’s hand-ballS before his second goal?

    Comment by Maxelo Chauke | June 21, 2010 | Reply

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