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I can’t stop listening to Randy Newman’s “I LOVE LA.”  It keeps giving me chills.  It’s official by the way, I have a Ron Artest man-crush.  No one can say that this guy didn’t come to play today.  I knew when I purchased my Ron Artest jersey T-Shirt in November that it was going to be worth the $20 I spent on it at Staples.  Good for Ron.  I can’t say enough about this guy.  5 steals. 20 points. 5 boards. A lot of Lakers fans were concerned when they didn’t resign Trevor Ariza in the offseason and pretty much offered Ron the same amount of money that Trevor signed with Houston for. Trevor is a good player, but he’s no Ron. Ron is a man.  Ron hasn’t been afraid of anyone in the past, whether it be Kobe, fans, David Stern, or whoever else stepped in front of him.  This year, he was able to channel his rage into something positive, a victory.  Don’t think for 1 second that his grit in the regular season and toughness in this series didn’t affect the Celtics.  Enjoy it Ron. If you guys run into this guy on the streets, give him some love.  That’s all he’s ever wanted. By the way, are their lips touching?

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  1. Lakers rally by Celtics 83-79 in Game 7 (AP)…

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