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This just out, Rajon Rondo is trying out for the part of Glass Joe in the new Mike Tyson’s Punchout video game.  You remember when Rondo pushed Ron Artest in game 5 and everyone in Boston held their collective breaths in fear of Artest tearing up Rondo?  Well, Rondo was sent back to high school today after taking an “inadvertent” elbow to the chops from Ron Artest. Karma’s a bitch!  You’d think the guy was shot by a sniper in the Staple’s Restaurant, the way he went down.  Rondo’s act on the ground led to a Lakers’ fast break and a 3-point dagger by Sasha Vujacic, thanks for coming, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. All I’m saying is that for all the toughness and grit the Celtics have and are known for, they sure are a bunch of pussies. I’m gonna leave Kendrick Perkins out of this one, cause I too recently suffered a knee injury (torn ACL).  But Paul Pierce, KG, Ray Allen, and now Rondo, sneeze on these guys and down they go.  I thought Derek Fisher was the flop master but these guys take the cake. Getting back to the game, BLOW OUT CITY… This is exactly what the Lakers and their fans wanted, a win and a MESSAGE. We’ll talk more about that later on… ONE MORE GAME!!! BOS-TON SUCKS! BOS-TON SUCKS! BOS_TON SUCKS!!!

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