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Whoopsie: United States Ties After Blunder by the Brits

What a lucky break for the U.S. A shot by midfielder Clint Depmsey trickled, and I mean TRICKLED past England’s goal keeper right before the first half.  The U.S. looked dead for the most part of the game. In fact, they looked like they’ve never been there before.  Their passes weren’t crisp and were off-target for the most part of the game.  I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed with the play of this squad.  Sure England is a strong team but c’mon.  The Brits have to be disappointed with a tie, especially after scoring just under 4 minutes into the game.  All Star Wayne Rooney and his cronies had many chances to take the lead but the U.S. goalie Tim Howard single handedly kept this game close until the U.S. tied it.  I’ll tell you one thing, a tie is fine for now but if the U.S. doesn’t fix adjust their defense, they’re gonna get killed. P.S. If anyone has seen Landon Donovan, tell him that the World Cup has begun already.

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