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Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Armando Galarraga pitched a gem today.  He was one out away from a perfect game when Cleveland Indians’ shortstop Jason Donald grounded to the second baseman and hustled down the line for a bang bang play.  The ump called him safe but replays later show that he was CLEARLY out.  Instead of pitching a perfect game, Galarraga just got a complete game shutout, 1 hitter.  It almost would have been better if the 2nd baseman bobbled the ball.  At least Galarraga would have gotten a no-hitter.  Credit to umpire Jim Joyce for admitting fault after the game, its a tough job and a tougher call.  He should’ve however erred on the side of history. Now comes the big issue, is baseball ready for instant replay?  The NBA, NFL and NHL all have certain forms of it.  I know that baseball games are long enough, but commissioner Bud Selig needs to wake up.  This is a perfect example of why instant replay is needed.  This kid missed out on being a part of history. A perfect game doesn’t come around that often (sure there have been 2 already this season but only 20 in MLB history). He would’ve been the first in Tigers’ history to achieve that feat. He probably will never get that close to a perfect game again. Time to rally the “instant replay” supporters, because it might cost a team a World Series ring one of these days. Then the mayhem will begin.

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