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There are some guys that are winners and some that just aren’t.  Let me introduce you to Vince Carter, of the Orlando Magic, Mr. Individual.  Never won a title as a Tarheel, couldn’t win when he played for Toronto with a then good Tracy McGrady (remember, he missed a game winning jumper because he had to attend his college graduation); couldn’t make noise with the Nets when they had Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson; and now, is trying to fill the empty shoes left by Hedo Turkoglu. I was the first to say that the Magic downgraded when they let Hedo sign with the Raptors and signed Vince.  Carter is a “sexy” sign (on paper), but on the court, he rarely shows up when it counts.  His last game against Boston, he was 5-15. He’s a good individual player, not a team player.  He is was a dunker. Not sure if I’d vote him into the Hall of Fame, as I don’t think that spectacular dunks is a category? 1 week ago, everyone was talking about how the Magic were the best team in the NBA, having swept through the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. And now, after going 0-2 to the old and decrepit yet Wiley and savvy Boston Celtics, the Magic suck and are about to get swept. The main difference between last year’s Magic and this one…VINSANITY.  Kudos for dunking over that 7 foot French center in the 2000 Olympics and possibly being the greatest slam dunk champion ever, but ala Chris Webber, neither you nor the team you play on will ever win a title.

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  1. C’mon, this is beyond harsh…..Carter is only one of many great players that may never win a championship. “This loser”, besides winning a championship has had a great career. As the Magic swept their way through the first two rounds, no one gave Carter any credit, now they are struggling and its all his fault. Besides, only an idiot would not know that none of Carter’s previous teams were equiped enough to win a ring. Get a life and get off Carter’s.

    Comment by mike | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. I heard a newscaster comment about him that he was the man who didn’t want to be the man. During his early days he was way better than Kobe. Look at those old clips & Kobe just could not keep up guarding him. But Carter did not work hard enough as Kobe so he never improved. When Vince & team mates won the gold in the Syney Olympics by just 2 points, there were criticism. He said “it does not matter how we won, the bottom line is we won, we won!”
    Nowadays, he keeps losing so the bottom line now is he was a born loser.

    Comment by Jamba | June 1, 2010 | Reply

  3. This is good words.

    Comment by Serdar | June 1, 2010 | Reply

  4. As a Toronto born and bread bball fan, I saw Vince try to battle his cousin for top limelight. It was just a rivalry among himself to out-do T-Mac. But I saw his pouty face and his bad attitude and his ego. What I didn’t see is him put scores on the board. When push comes to shove he has nothing. He will punk out. Just as he did with Orlando and be a suck when he loses and wants to be traded; as he did to the Suns. Uhm are the Suns in the playoffs for 2011?!? Nope bc Vince was hype with no follow through.

    Comment by Sharisa | April 30, 2011 | Reply

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