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Lebron James is gone.  Make no mistake, this was his last game as a Cleveland Cavalier.  He quit on his team 2 days ago in that 30 point blowout at home.  That was evident.  He made his point, which was “my team sucks if I don’t drop 50 a night.”  But there’s no way he was going to come back and have a monster game, in Boston, after mailing it in 1 game before (even if he wanted to, which he didn’t). Don’t look at his triple double and be impressed by it.  9 turnovers and 8-21 shooting is garbage. The triple double is just Lebron’s way of saying “hey, I showed up, there was nothing more I could do.” Glad Shaq isn’t going to win a title though.  Mo Williams, 20 points in the 1st half, only 2 in the second? I wouldn’t stay in Cleveland if I was ‘bron.  Go to NY, go to Chicago, go get a new start while you’re still young.  Look at KG, look how happy he is in Boston.  Too bad it happened so late in his career.  I do think that we might have to revoke his “King” nickname.  No reason for him to be crowned that until he starts playing like one, when it counts.  Guess I gotta cheer for the Magic now, can’t stand the thought of the Cs winning another. When did Rajon Rondo become the best point guard in the league? Mike Brown better start updating his resume…

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