The TRUTH about Sports


I’m sitting at home watching the Miami Heartless getting DESTROYED by the Kevin Garnett-less Boston Celtics.  There’s 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and the Heat are down by 25 points.  As if going 3-14 in Game 1 wasn’t bad enough, this kid is 1-10 and there’s still 19 minutes of game left.  How did this guy go from high school phenom to this? STOP SHOOTING THE BALL!!! I’m no Heat fan but someone’s gotta say something.  Don’t be fooled by his 5 blocks, they all came in the first quarter against Glen “Baby” Davis.  Jermaine O’Neal is the poster child for not skipping college.  I don’t think it’s too late.  Go back to college.  Learn some fundamentals.  Learn some basketball.  Forget that, learn another sport… Something where you don’t have to have any skill… By the way, the Heat forgot to show up today.  I blame O’Neal, I blame the management, I blame the coach, and I blame the rest of the players…

P.S. this is Wade’s last year as a Heat. He’s already given up on his team. You heard it here first.

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