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Cleveland Cavaliers: 2010 NBA CHAMPS

Plan the parade… this one’s in the bag.  If there was one team I thought could knock off the Cavs in the East it was the Orlando Magic.  Well today, they beat the Cavaliers… barely, 98-92.  No Lebron James, no Shaq, no Anthony Parker.  The Magic on the other hand, a full squad. What a pathetic win for the Magic.  If you can’t send a post season message and demolish the Cavs, then you got problems.  The Orlando Magic don’t stand a chance against the Clevaland Cavaliers WITH a healthy Lebron James.  Forget Shaq, forget Parker.  The Cavs don’t need ’em.  As long as Lebron is 80%, we’re gonna witness the King and his ring.  I did think the Lakers would have a chance to knock them off but the way they’ve been playing lately… ugh!!!! They lost to their arch-nemesis Portland Trail Blazers at Staples.  Lakers bench, once again playing the role of Harry Houdini and disappearing, going 3-15 for a whoppin 8 points.  This team ain’t going anywhere until they get some production off that bench. Even Kobe’s  not the same, going 8-23.  That finger is hurting more than we are led to believe. Until something dramatic happens in the West like the Lakers do a 180 turn or the Nuggets mature, we’re gonna see Shaq and Bron Bron get a ring.   And you know what, this might be the first time I’ve said this out loud, I’m not bothered by it.  They’re the best team.  They’re taking care of business. They deserve it.

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