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Peyton Manning: Best Quarterback EVER!

Is there any doubt?  Whatever happens this weekend, it doesn’t matter.  He’s already won a ring.  Noone ever doubted Dan Marino’s skill as a quarterback and he never won the big one. If I’m starting a franchsie, this is the guy that’s going #1.  He’s never injured ala every other quartback in the league.  He never makes a bonehead play that costs his team the game (see Brett Favre). He’s not into individual accomplishments. The biggest reason why he’s so good… he’s a student and fan of the game.  Plus, he’s funny as heck in his commercials. Make no doubt that having two weeks before the Superbowl, Peyton Manning will be the hardest working player and coach in the Colts locker room. I would love to see this guy be a head coach one day in the future.  But until then, let’s enjoy history in the making because all of you who are reading this article and love the NFL can tell their kids and grandkids one day that they were alive when the greatest quarterback ever played the game.

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