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Once Again, I Ask Myself, “Why Knicks, Why?”


Forget David Lee, forget Lebron, how about this guy as the face of your franchise? Huh, huh? So, now the NY Knicks are working out Jason “White Chocolate” Williams. Seeing if he still has that “magic” that he’s wooed us with for the past 10 years.  The same Knicks who haven’t re-signed their best player in PF David Lee.  The same Knicks who have finished the season in the cellar for the past… umteenth years.  I know they’re waiting for the big 2010 offseason to go after Lebron.  They’re saving up all their nickels and dimes so they can offer him the world but Jason Williams? I don’t think he fills seats anymore.  Frankly, the guy is a head case, plays no defense, and is was a shoot-first point guard. If I’m the Knicks, I sign Allen Iverson to a one-year contract. No other team cares for him. You can get him for cheap.  You know the guy has heart and can put up at least 20 points a game in his sleep. Won’t make ’em playoff contenders but might give them some “street cred.” New Yorkers will definitely pay some money to watch the Answer play, something to pass time until the Lebron sweepstakes.

On a side note, I don’t think they’re gonna land the King.  The team is in shambles.  Sure their coach D’Antoni is an upgrade but they’re management is heinous, as is the rest of the team.  Oh well,  another dumb move by the Knicks if they indeed sign J-Will. And if I know the Knicks, they’ll probably give him max money for max years.  No Isaiah Thomas to blame this time… Right?

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