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Aye Ya Yao!!!

Looks like Yao Ming is on the brink of another season-ending injury. Except this time, it’s in the off-season and the season it’s threatening is next year.  Not a few weeks, not a few months, the entire season and maybe even his career.  So the question to you my fellow readers is, “IS YAO MING WORTH IT?” First of all, we know he can play.  Let’s put that aside. The main question is durability.  He hasn’t played close to a complete season in four years.  This past season, he came close but broke his foot in the playoffs against the Lakers, vaporizing any chance his team had to win the series.  Now his foot is worse off than the Rockets thought.  I don’t know, look at the 2002 draft where Ming was taken 1st.  Here are some notables that some might take over him, Amare Stoudamire (9), Tayshaun Prince (23), Carlos Boozer (34) and Luis Scola (55).  I did leave out Caron Butler who I think is very underrated. I’m not saying Yao wasn’t worth the #1 pick but c’mon, for the money he’s getting, you gotta shape up or something.  I know that his size gives him trouble and I’m not faulting Yao for it but maybe the Rockets need to think about resting him MORE during the regular season to preserve him for when it counts.  Makes some NBA teams think twice about drafting bigs.  The league is shifting into a guard oriented league.  The shelf-life for big men is 3-5 years then goodbye. I’m thinking Yao needs to lift some weights or something. I don’t know.  Reminds me of Grant Hill about 10 years ago; could’ve, should’ve, would’ve… Maybe they should keep him from playing in the Olympics.  Those wheels are getting worn out pretty fast.

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